: I'm Cancelling Movie Central, hope you do too!

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2006-12-14, 02:52 AM
Okay what is up with this awful excuse for movie premieres, etc... The movies are so old and often the worst choices etc... Yes, the channel airs HBO, Showtime originals, but why support them for what they don't do well and are supposed to major in, which is movies!!!??? When does the new CRTC approved competition happen, can't wait! No, we don't have HBO and Showtime here, but use illegal downloads, you tube, all the other stuff out there etc , and teach the rotten who's boss, US! (the paying subscribers, and those they try to demograph appeal too)


2006-12-14, 11:53 AM
Only 1 comment is really necessary...the only thing that matters to Broadcasters is $$...if you're not satisfied by MovieCentral..take it off your programming package and ensure you send Corrus Entertainment an email explaining why they are losing you as a customer.

P.S. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. If you read satellite message boards based in the U.S., you'd find out quick that there's no shortage of griping about the content of HBO , Showtime, Starz, etc. The Canadian providers MovieCentral and MovieNetwork actually combine some of the best series and movies shown on the multiple U.S. providers. Is it perfect?..heck no.. I'd love to see more Canadian competition..but I prefer subscribing to 1 Package then having to subscribe to multiple packages to get all the cable series I'm interested in...like HBO Miniseries, HBO Sopranos, Showtime's Sleeper Cell and Showtime's Dexter.

2006-12-14, 04:26 PM
I certainly can't say I've been thrilled with their lineup of movies lately especially on the HD channel (the main reason I got MC), but I've chalked that up to the move of their people out east.

But if it doesn't improove after the New Year I think I might just cancel it.

2006-12-16, 08:18 PM
I'm actively counselling subscribers NOT to get Movie Central and especially Movie Central HD. As you've correctly stated the quality and content have degraded substantially especially in recent months.

I'll be speaking with their top people next week to reiterate this message, so if you have any specific points you want me to raise I will do so.

2006-12-17, 11:46 AM
^ How about getting the web site up to date. Some of that information is still from October. I've tried emailing them in November without response. With the web site I could at least find when the few movies I was excited about were on.

How are you in contact with their "top people"?

2006-12-17, 11:50 AM
I'll pay the premium for Dexter, Sleeper Cell, Deadwood, Sopranos, etc. As long as they're running one good series, I'll keep paying, but reluctantly. I'd really like to see a better rotation of movies.

2006-12-17, 12:23 PM
Movie Central really disappoints me.

I am getting a half price deal with MC for 6 months so I'll keep it, but after that its gone.

I watch Entourage and Dexter.

And I always get depressed when I see TMN line up compared to MC.

The Movies they put on each month are sadly a waste of time.

Its not worth the $20 I pay for it.. (i get it for $10 with a bev half price deal for 6 months). I have always had and cancelled MC all the time, but now I think after this I am done with them.

Honestly, I only watch the 2 HD channels. And their website doesn't have listings for both:


I can't wait for this new Premium TV service...

2006-12-17, 03:34 PM
I'll be speaking with their top people next week to reiterate this message, so if you have any specific points you want me to raise I will do so.

Thanks Neild.

As already mentioned, their web site is mangled, and has been since the move. At least it's better than the beginning of December (no listings at all!). Current problems on the web site:
"Premieres" (http://www.moviecentral.ca/cgi-bin/schedule2/2006/new_movies.cgi)lists November movies (did nothing premiere in December)
Movie Central listings (http://www.moviecentral.ca/cgi-bin/schedule2/2006/scheduleMC.cgi) for HD are useless (there is no distinction between HD1 and HD2). We don't have HD2 in Shaw, so listing both channels, without indicating which is which...useless.
same problem for the HD printable schedule (pdf) (http://www.moviecentral.ca/content3/schedule3/PDF/30day_HD.pdf)
Move Central "What's on" listing is off by almost four hours! Ever since the move, this has been broken (at times by two or three hours, now it's four). The time is specified at the top of the listings. At 12:50 PM MT, it says "4:34 pm MT Sunday December 17, 2006"
Movie Central listings no longer indicate premieres "P" and final showings "F"
the alphabetical list of movies does not correlate to movies currently available. It too could be from November.
movie synopsis and scheduled dates no longer display when clicking on the movie title. From the schedule at least the problem is acknowledged in the dialog: We apologize, this information is not available right now
we are working to restore it presently. However, the HD logo is always displayed, regardless of whether it was an HD selection. From the alphabetical list, the dialog is empty aside from the MC logo...

All in the all, the website has been completely awful since the move.

See this thread for additional move related issues.

My main complaint with MC is their lack of quality movies (especially in HD), and they have too many series shows for my liking. In addition to the quality movies or big budget movies I already mentioned in this post, here's a few more HD omissions: In Good Company

It's not all negative though. I do appreciate the inclusion of some older movies on MC HD (e.g. Throw Momma from the Train, Moonstruck, No Way Out, Rain Man, etc.).

As mentioned with recent movies though, there are plenty of holes in the MC HD schedule. Too many titles appear on only MC1-4 without appearing on MC HD.

To this point I haven't cancelled MC. Yet. Definitely leaning that way once Sopranos ends (already cancelled MC when season 6 ended). A more complete HD schedule would make the difference.

Thanks again Neild. Hopefully this gets to people that can address the issues.

2006-12-17, 04:02 PM
Most of the people who subscribe MCHD are also likely have a PVR. If you have a PVR then there is just no need to have the number repeats as the MC does. Some movies are on over 30-40 times (this is just a gut feel). I think it is a complete joke that someone at Shaw thinks there is need for the second MCHD channel. They do not have enough content to fill one channel. I would hate to see the content watered down and then be forced to pay for two MCHD channels to see the odd show that I do like. My option would be get rid of MCHD if the content gets watered down.

2006-12-17, 04:26 PM
My comments will be brief. One reason because I get so frustrated thinking about the poor quality of MC that I don't want to spend much time on it. The second reason is that I have never received even the courtesy of a response from MC when I have sent polite email asking a question or making a suggestion.

My first comment is about the website. It should be an embarassment to any media company to have a website like that.

Website users should be able to do simple things like set some parameters to get a schedule. For example, we should be able to set our timezone (not be locked into MT) and preferred movie types (e.g., comedy, drama, mystery, etc.) and get a schedule that interests us.

My second comment is about content. Why in the world would a movie channel show so many movies that are known to have poor critical reviews. Even their own program listing sometime make comments like, "This is one of director X's poorest productions..."

I acknowledge that not every movie that I enjoy was well-received critically or at the box office. But MC should have some quality criteria in choosing movies. It appears that the only criterion now is price.

2006-12-17, 05:29 PM
the Movie Central Metro is a waste of time also.

I think it may be the: "don't watch us rate now!, we have to fill our minimum CRTC Cancon requirements, so here is some crappy independent films!"

One thing a Westerner should NEVER do is go to the TMN website. You get the same feeling if your on Shaw and look at the Rogers website...

2006-12-17, 05:51 PM
Just think if it was an actual FREE MARKET system, and MC/TMN had to compete (as will be the case soon). They'd have to go out and get movies from the studios like HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc. do.

I mean TMN had Star Wars III in HD, and MC didn't bother. I don't understand all this protection. I mean, it's not like CTV is for the west, while Global is only in the east...They could still co-produce stuff, like SG: Atlantis, Re-Genesis, etc,, heck, even show it at the same time so there's no competition, but for heavens sake, let them compete!

2006-12-17, 06:07 PM
Just think if it was an actual FREE MARKET system, and MC/TMN had to compete (as will be the case soon). Jessej, seems like I missed something here. are we going to get a choice to choose MC or the TMN soon> Please advsie anybody. If that is the case bye bye MC and Hello TMN!!

2006-12-17, 06:11 PM
^^ thats too good to be true, unfortunately...

The way its going to work is:

Movie Central will still be in the West and TMN in the East

The CRTC approved a new nationwide Premium TV service.

This will mean: No MC and TMN will NOT be competing

BUT, they will be competing against a new nation-wide premium tv service soon...

2006-12-17, 06:44 PM
MC HD is awful. i think in the 6-8 weeks i've had BEV, i've watched maybe 4 movies on there, 3 of which i had already seen.

the selection of movies is brutal, and their rotation is awful.

who cares about some stupid movie nobody has ever heard of? is it just cheaper for them to get those movies or show, or what? as a big movie fan, i'll stick to renting.

2006-12-17, 07:37 PM
BUT, they will be competing against a new nation-wide premium tv service soon...
That is good news, compettion is always good, anybody know the time frame?

2006-12-17, 07:41 PM
Well the CRTC just approved it.

It has to be set up, content agreements... company deals... provider contracts.

I would say 5 years if were lucky.. these things take time.. especially a national pay tv service.

2006-12-22, 08:49 PM
I got so frustrated with the content and quality (audio problems) that I cancelled my subscription to MC&MCHD. I will continue to read what people have to say about the service and may re-subscribe if they improve things.

Are you listening Movie Central---get it together!!!

2006-12-22, 10:09 PM
Yep, I wish Astral would buy out Movie Central, or Corus and give us one nation-wide TMN.

Compare MC's sucess to TMN's success, and its obvious TMN does alot better than MC does in the west.

Only reason I have it, is because of a program pack with Bell thats half price for 6 months, after that I am cutting Movie Central.

MC, will be even more hurting when this new pay-tv service launches.

They better improve fast or they could be in some hot water...

2007-01-27, 10:21 PM
Sent notes to the CRTC, Shaw and Movie Central tonight, after yet another movie was ruined.
I'm not cancelling, because not all movies are like this.


I pay a good monthly fee for Movie Central as well as HD programming, and for the last month or so, have been getting, what I feel, is a poor product for my hard earned cash. Yet another movie (Proof, Thu Jan 25, Shaw Cable Calgary, ch 302) has had the audio out of sync with the video. It is very annoying. I do not feel I should have to pay for this service if it is not corrected.

Seeing as Movie Central is the only HD movie option available to me in Western Canada, because competition is not allowed under the Canadian system, I would really like to have this situation rectified as fast as could be possible.