: upconverting

2007-01-24, 07:11 PM
New to the site. I'm using ATI 1300 going to an optoma 1690 projector if I set the res to 1280by720 or 1920by1080 for playing dvd's. Would that be the same as what an upconverting dvd player would be doing.Running dvi cables from
pc to projector. THANKS

2007-01-24, 09:57 PM
Yes it would be. I suggest using 1280x768 since that is the native resolution of the projector. There is a section in the ATI CCC for setting up the card with HDTV devices. You might be able to reduce overscan in the ATI driver. (I can with the ATI 9800.)

2007-01-25, 06:18 AM
Perfect thats for the quick reply