: Samsung LNS5296D or sharp LC52D92U

2007-01-22, 12:10 PM
Now the 52" Samsung is available in Futureshop, the choices are getting tough.

2007-01-22, 02:29 PM
Im in the same situation, one option may be to wait and see what the D82 will offer and price, also futureshop will not sell the d92 from what I've read as far as the 52 96d where did you see it, do you have a link for me to view, thats a crazy big tv.

2007-01-22, 04:41 PM
Just bought the 5296D for $4169 at FS downtown. To be fair, I had to throw in the darn Monster Power Bar for $180, total came to $4350 for the 5296D and the power bar.

My thinking was that the glossy black Sony XBR is retailing for $6200 now, and reading off the crazy AVForum, it seems that for the most part the performance is very similar.

Looking forward to getting the TV! The store had the 46" on display right next to the 46" Bravia XBR2 and I couldn't tell the difference (both were fed off Blu-Ray sources though...)