: Stereo Audio Cable Splitter

2007-01-19, 09:55 AM
Yesterday, I got the Shaw HDPVR and so far I love it. However, I want to connect the video and audio from the HDPVR so I can record Non HD shows on to DVDs. I get the video but no sound. The HDPVR has the Stereo audio but only one set and that is used along with the Component video to the TV. I checked ebay, FS, The Source and Compusmart and I have not found any Splitter. All I see is Y adapters and that is not what I want.

Just so it is easily understood, I want the Stereo Audio Cable that comes from the HDPVR to be split in 2 so, that one can go to the TV and that one can go to the DVD.

If anyone knows of the specific item and has a link, PM me.


2007-01-19, 11:49 AM
You can either use y-adaptors or purchase an item called "piggyback audio cables". A search for that term will find the item.

2007-01-19, 01:43 PM
thanks, the piggybacks cables are the one I needed. I wasn't sure of the name of what they were called.