: Yamaha 5540 vs Harman/Kardon AVR125

2003-03-27, 11:07 PM
Am I going out of my mind?

I had bought the Yamaha 5540 and was immensely pleased with CD and DVD sound. I decided to exchange it, however, because it had only one coax input and both my HD terminal and DVD players have that output as the only digital source.
I had intended on getting the 5590 until I realized it was going for $999 :o
So the salesman sold me on the HK, which has 3 coax digital inputs and would cost me about $300 with my exchange.

Well, now that I have it set up, and after about a 2 hour learning curve, I must say that I am not near as impressed with the sound detail as the Yamaha, expecially at lower volume.
Please someone tell me I'm not crazy. I am seriously considering going back and getting the Yamaha and just getting another DVD player with optical output (I'm due to upgrade it anyways).

I should mention that I have only a two loudspeaker system right now (Energy X-25's). Perhaps the Yamaha is better for this???
I should also mention that yes, I have specified these speakers as LARGE in my setup, and selected NONE for all the speakers I don't have.

2003-03-28, 08:56 AM
I'd say trust your ears.

Yamaha has been making quality receivers for a lot of years. I have owned several Yamaha receivers over the years and was always pleased with the quality of sound.

I got out of yamaha in the past because they didn't offer the features I needed for home theater but they still make good products.

2003-03-28, 10:13 PM
Thanks, the ears were right.

I brought it back and got the Yamaha 5550 and popped in my CD and there was that obvious quality back. It was Jane's Addiction's Jane Says, btw. What really grabbed me was the presense of acoustic guitar...I can feel/hear the palm mutes with the Yamaha....for some reason the HK just wasn't that meaty at low volume.

I'm happy again. 8)