: Advice.... on new component

2007-01-02, 01:47 PM
Were days away from the livingroom renovations beeng done. So...

Thinking that if I'm to update a bit now would be a good time. Not planning anything big (already have the new plasma sadly sitting in the box for a few weeks)

Goal is to improve the video quality once the plasma goes up and I'd like to do it once and be done if I can rather than try different things the swap stuff out after. Desire SD to be "good" and Movies to be "excelent"...I know I know its subjective....don't hit me!

No HD equipment but in the next few years we will I'm sure. but not concerned at the moment.

Useage is:
Music - 25%
Movies - 35%
Sat. Dish - 35%
Xbox - 5%

We have:
-Yamaha RX-V 520 reviever (composite and svid in/out)
-NAD T513 cd/dvd (componenet, composite and svid)
-Bell 3100 for SD (composite and svid)
-JVC VCR (Composite)
-Rotel RC850 / Pioneer PL500 (Not applicable it's for good old VINYL!)
-SOON TO BE MOUNTED...Panasonic TH-42PH9UK (componenet, composite and svid **no HDMI input but open slot if I buy one)
-Klipsch RF3II front and RC3 center / Paradigm titan rears Mirage 8" sub (5.1)

So my thoughts after looking through the forums I would expect answers to be either to replace the AMP (yammi RX-v 1600??) or get a HDMI card for the plasma and an upconverting DVD... BUT thought I'd post and see what thoughts are out there

So, lets hear it, anything I did not think of?

2007-01-02, 05:21 PM
Just got the Samsung upconverting DVD Recorder. $189 at FS, but the non-recorder was/is only $99. Certainly made my movies come more to life.

I think the model number is DVDR135