: LG TV with internal DVR & analog cable

2006-12-28, 11:33 PM
I am thinking of buying an LG 50PC1DR which has an internal DVR. It will be used mainly for watching DVDs.
I have two questions which are not evident in the manual & the salesman doesn't seem too clear on.
If I attach the Videotron analog cable to it through the coax cable input, will the internal DVR record it?
Will the internal TV Guide feature work (it has some awesome features) or will I be stuck with the archaic Videotron menus? Or is the Videotron menu only on the digital cable option?


2007-01-02, 12:55 PM
if you plug the plug the analog cable in your tv and it have a digital pvr in it, sure it will record it if it can record from the input of your tv (if not, why put a pvr in a tv?!)

As for the tv guide, it will depend if you can receive the signal, tv guide sometime doesn't work because you don't have the service here in quebec. But, if you have the service (from the compagny the make the tv guide) it should work. But Vidéotron doesn't offer a tv guide for analog cable.