: Xbox 360 Defective and Replacement Process...

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2008-07-30, 11:34 PM
Ok, finally received today July 30th. Took 26 days from start of process.
Works good-had to redo some settings-wireless-video, such stuff.
Seems to work good, also seems quieter.
Got a refurbished unit, 3 months newer then the original one I sent in.
Serial number starts with a 6 on the new one compared to a 2 on the old one.
Tried to google to see what S/N's meant for internal parts but no real success.
Machine is also in brand new type shape, no nicks or scrapes.
On a sticker on the box it came in it had the serial number and it said "Xenon PRO". Googled that also-not much luck. I think it just means a Pro console(silver trim) and the type of chip-set or motherboard.
If anyone can confirm this that would be great.
Also got the 1 month gold membership card-better than nothing I guess.

2008-07-30, 11:48 PM
Apparently there is a new motherboard (http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EkEZFVVApAUeXajSWz.php) that they may be using to replace RROD refurbs. I wonder if you got one?

2008-08-01, 02:54 PM
I'm send back my sixth unit today. Hopefully they give me a brand new unit this time. I'm soooo sick of this crap.

I have such a love/hate relationship with my 360.lol

2008-09-09, 08:47 PM
So, I posted around 4pm today in the NHL09 thread that I picked up NHL09 for the 360 today.

I ate dinner, put the kids to bed and fired up my 360 to play the new game and..... RROD.

This is my third one now, (second one this year) and I am pretty upset that it happened without even getting the chance to play NHL09. Here's hoping its not a long time to repair...


2008-09-14, 11:36 PM
Wow.. reading here, some people are on unit 4... 5... 6... ?? Crazy

My Launch 360 just took a dive last week, but spent today doing the x-clamp/overheating gpu fix and works like a charm. Hehe, I would have sent it in, but I opened it all up after my 1 year warranty and painted it black thus voiding the warranty. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to see that they would increase the warranty from 1 to 3 years because of all the problems.

2008-09-15, 12:15 PM
the entry level xbox's are cheap enough now that a replacement isn't thatr big a deal if you've had one since launch.. And you get an HDMI port even on the bottom of the pile 360... not a bad deal..

callummcgraw.. I'd blame EA for that.. I can never get an EA game to run correctly on my xbox.. always have to use a "trick" and NHL08 bricked my unit and the new unit still needs a load trick to get NHL08 to work.. This year I bought 09 for the PS3

2008-09-15, 07:02 PM
I always had to eject NHL08 and put it back in or else I had the disc unreadable error message every time.

I am happy the consoles are cheaper now, but I would rather spend the money on a Blu-ray player (especially since my HD-DVD drive gets limited use now)

I am hopeful that the new motherboards that they have (Opus?), will solve the problem permanently.

2008-10-08, 12:15 PM
I tried the x-clamp/overheating gpu fix and no go. I did it over & still no go. All I get is 3 flashing rings. So my problem must be more serious.

Will M$ refund my portion of Xbox live if I call them?

I was thinking of getting a Wii or PS3 for now. Then maybe a 360 on the boxing day weekend sales! LOL

2008-10-08, 07:23 PM
ms will give you a 30 days free card on your live account.
check the below steps before contacting ms support and they will begin the replacement process.

2008-10-11, 07:07 AM
Deathlok, I just did this fix myself today and I managed to get it working. What exactly did you do for the "baking" process, did you turn it on and leave it on, or did you use the blowdryer/heatgun method?

I used the blowdryer method and after some cajoling I've got it all working now.

2008-11-19, 10:25 AM
This is turning into a joke console. Our 5th xbox360 died lastnight. Funny though, we had the red ring of death flashing but could still paly for a bit.
When is Gates going to fix this crap?
Pretty bad when you have to buy a spare xbox so you don't have any down time.

2008-11-19, 12:05 PM
First Xbox 360 dies 3 weeks ago RROD

Second Xbox comes in the mail 2 weeks after....guess what..doesnt even power on! (I also read in canada that new xbox 360 get mailed out? what ********)

I also notice that I forgot to take off my harddrive on my first xbox 360..i phone CS for that...that have lost it and don't know where it is, but are "investigating it"

I should receive my third Xbox 360 in about 2 weeks hopefully it will work. This is my recent experience with them..just to shed light on how friggin bad customer service is and how aweful 360 hardware is!

2008-11-28, 11:24 AM
Although this won't help owners of the early model 360's, apparently the new 'Jasper' boards are out with the 65 nm GPU (http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EkkZlFAyyZZXEKjatA.php). More onboard flash has also been installed, so that Arcade owners can update the firmware without adding external memory.

2008-11-30, 07:44 PM
quickly read through this thread and couldn't find the answer to a ?...if i buy a used 360 with rrod, not knowing any history on the unit, what is the process and the cost to get it fixed???

2008-12-01, 07:32 AM
After sending my Xbox 360 to repair in September (see post above), I received one back about 3 weeks later. Then on November 1st, this replacement one Red Ringed as well. I was not impressed to say the least. I sent this one in and it was received at the Repair Centre on Nov 4 but sat on a shelf or skid for 3 weeks. I just received my 5th replacement Xbox, and it is one of the new type of repaired consoles. The shipping box sticker says Falcon - Opus in the bottom right hand corner, the Opus board is a new one with the Falcon chip and no HDMI.

Hope fully this new board, chip and heatsink will solve the problem finally.

2008-12-01, 11:54 AM
Troy: That depends, what's the manufacture date say on the console? The warranty is 3 years from the date on the console (unless you have a store receipt to prove otherwise). Also are you positive the console was not tampered with prior to your ownership?

If the date is less than 3 years and you can be sure of the console not being tampered with it shouldn't cost you anything to get it fixed. Just call Microsoft. Otherwise it's probably just cheaper to go buy an arcade unit as it will probably be over $100 plus shipping.

2008-12-01, 03:53 PM
thanks for the info

2008-12-03, 11:36 AM
Well, its 3 weeks till Christmas and I'm allowed to open my 360. I'm excited but nervous at the same time...everywhere on the web I look, from the Digital Home forums to youtube to various gaming sites, its all the same...the RROD!! It almost makes me wonder if there are ANY satisified users out there.

Generally, are the newer 360's (mine was apparently manufactured in Sept. of this year) more stable than those of the past years? Are the RROD still seen with the same frequency?

2008-12-03, 01:14 PM
Basically, the only RROD's are from the early models. It is no longer an issue with the new boxes.

2008-12-05, 05:27 AM
Basically, the only RROD's are from the early models. It is no longer an issue with the new boxes.
What does "early models" mean?