: I'm a Celebrity Preemption on WCVB

2003-02-21, 10:14 PM
OK, right now furious with WCVB- ABC Boston for cutting out of I'm a Celebrity.... 10 mins in to show a press conference by the RI governor on the night club fire.

I could see a Providence, RI station cutting out for the coverage, but this station is in Boston. Can't they just let people watch CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News? Not only that, this show is one of the few prime time shows not being simsubbed by a Canadian network, so I have no way of watching it.

Stupid, stupid ABC.

2003-02-21, 10:18 PM
Thankfully, the preemption only lasted 10 minutes or so. But, really, cable companies should be prepared to switch to another affiliate if one affiliate is preeempting prime time programming for a local event.

2003-02-21, 10:50 PM
Why don't you just watch it at 1AM?

2003-02-21, 10:53 PM
I have Eastlink digital cable, which doesn't have timeshifting channels yet; they said they'll have it by the end of the year. WCVB Boston is the only ABC feed I have.

2003-02-23, 06:22 PM
No Canadian channel is picking it up? Strange!

2003-02-23, 06:27 PM
No, at least here in NS, ASN, Global and ATV did not pick it up. I don't know if A-Channel, NewNets or CityTV picked it up elsewhere.

I think that part of the problem is that the show is shown, at least initially, from 11pm-12 midnight Atlantic time, and is shown live from Australia. This would be the same time that all of the Canadian networks are showing their newscasts here, meaning they could not do simsubs if they picked it up. The same situation arose with Celebrity Mole: Hawaii; it was not picked up by any Cdn. channels in NS because it was shown at 11 pm