: CITYw??

2003-02-19, 10:52 PM
When was CITYw made part of the basics package? Noticed this channel was added the other day....? Or have I just never noticed this channel...?

2003-02-20, 12:52 AM
The channel has always been there. Bell has finally updated their guide to correctly name it City TV (West). It used to be the Global station in Vancouver until BCTV (ch. 241) became Global over a year ago.

2003-02-24, 12:09 PM
Thing is look at the packages on thier site, CITY in Toronto is part of the Networks Package with the USA Networks. SO the locals on BEV will not get the CITY in Toronto, only the CITY in Vancouver. BEV CSR told me this, I was surprised, I didn't know cuz it wasn't like that when I got my system 3 years ago.

2003-02-24, 01:55 PM
City TV in Vancouver didn't exist three years ago. It was a different channel altogether.

2003-02-25, 02:35 AM
Citytv Vancouver didn't even exist one year ago. The station only became Citytv on July 22 of last year.

2003-02-25, 11:33 PM
I know CITY Vancouver didn't exist three years ago.
What I am saying is, 3 years ago the packages were locals (all CDN affiliates offered including CITY Toronto) and then the Networks were called American Networks and were the east and west feeds of the four plus PBS. Now CITY Toronto is included and the package is called Networks, but it no longer includes PBS as they moved PBS to the learning package.
CITY Vancouver was a Global/CTV affiliate showing both network's shows.