: Better response time!

2003-02-19, 03:30 AM
Sorry, what I meant to say was, holy ****
I had to call *C because of a 305 receiver that went bad and I was stunned that the call only took about 8 minutes from start to finish.
Credit given where credit is due. I have had to make many phone calls to them, but never ever have I received such a quick response. It was an unexpected and pleasant suprise while dealing with an already bad situation in that an almost new receiver when belly up. I am used to being on the phone for at least half an hour and sometimes an hour with them.
However, multiple receivers = free replacement.
Man it hurts when I have someting good to say about this outfit :wink:

2003-02-19, 10:18 AM
We're all proud of you! :wink:

2003-02-20, 02:02 PM
Isn't it amazing that we feel the need to congratulate them for actually answering the phone in a reasonable time? I mean, isn't it the way it should be :-?

2003-02-20, 02:23 PM
Actually, I haven't had bad response times since at least November. I don't make a habit of calling them if I don't have to, but in instances of when I have had to call them, (3 times) the response time has been under 10 minutes. They also have inproved their website with customer service. They must have listened to the ranting of the angry people who kept telling them of long waits. 8)

2003-02-20, 02:47 PM
It is more likely that they listened to the ranting of angry customers cancelling or cutting back their service while they watched BEV's subscriber numbers soar. :cry: