: Eastlink French preview over

2003-02-13, 02:55 PM
Just checked today and all of the French specialties on Eastlink are now scrambled. They still don't have any pricing information on their website or any indication these channels even exist. Does anyone know how much they will charge for them? All that I really want to get is RDS for the extra sporting events.

2003-02-14, 06:34 PM
I just got off the phone with Eastlink regarding this. The good news for sports fans is that you can add RDS for $2.25 as a pick and pay channel. Apparently lots of people have been calling about this because Halifax has all kinds of Habs fans.

As far as the rest of the channels, they have split it into two additional theme packs that aren't on their website yet:

Sports theme pack:
Canal Vie
Serie Plus
Canal Z
RDI (which is on analog cable so I don't know why they'd make you pay for it)

Family theme pack:
Canal D
Canal Evasion

I had also kind of wanted to get MusiquePlus and MusiMax but it wasn't worth $5 extra.