: 50hdx82 hdtv input from Samsung OTA tuner

2003-01-16, 10:09 PM
Just hooked up my Samsung ota hdtv receiver. What a picture. I'm not sure if you can pull in the Buffalo stations from Ontario, but if you could it's great!
Question is I think I have my setup right. I have the receiver outputting the1080 signal to the 50hdx82. that is correct, right?

2003-01-17, 06:25 AM
The reason I question this is I notice the specs for this TV call it a 720p tv. So is it better to input that or the 1080?

2003-01-17, 07:06 AM
Don't know the answer but if you can try them both! Check out various threads in the HDTV forum for peoples thoughts on whether 720p or 1080i is superior.

BTW: Where are you located and what are you looking to receive OTA?

2003-01-17, 08:08 AM
I'm in Lockport, Ny - 15 miles from lake Ontario. I pick up the 2 Buffalo hdtv stations real good with just an attic uhf antenna.