: Slings and Arrows Season 3

2006-06-19, 09:45 PM
Any other fans of this series out there? I think it is just about the best thing on TV!! Anyway, it looks like season 3 will be starting on TMN July 24. They will be repeating the six episodes of season 2 on July 3, 10 and 17. (You really need to have seen, or at least read about, season 1.) A totally unofficial post somewhere says that William Hutt will be in it this time. The illustrious New Burbage Festival will be producing King Lear this season, which also happens to be my favourite Shakespeare play!

2006-06-21, 10:54 AM
Best news I've heard in a looooooooooooooooooong time!

The last I heard about S&A was in a piece about Martha Burns a few months ago, mentioning that it was highly unlikely there'd be a third season. :(

Just finished watching Season 1 (again) on Showcase, and got the DVD set recently as well.

Yes, I may sound like a fanboy, but dammit folks, there IS brilliant Canadian TV out there (everything Ken Finkleman's done except The Newsroom :p ... just as a f'rinstance) and if we like it, we should support it, promote it, evangelize it... whatever it takes. Look what this kind of support has done for Canadian music, after all. :cool:

2007-06-23, 12:21 AM
Wow...I started watching a few episodes ago and was blown away by this. I have so many friends that are into theatre, my interest comes from going to their shows, but hardly any of them watch it as they do not have Sundance as it's only available as a package deal with premium channels. Channels that are blown away by Sundance.
I was lucky enough to get it years ago on a promotional deal and was grandfathered into my package. Lucky me!
This show is fantastic. Even though I know how the 3rd season ends...instead of spoiling it for me...I am ever so looking forward to seeing seasons 1 and 2 and the beginning of 3. This group of actors working together are simply wonderful.