: CBC-HD Official Thread (No Hockey)

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2011-11-10, 01:37 PM
Well, don't I feel stupid? As per 57's suggestion, I checked the speaker button and on my Yamaha RX-V1000 the A Speaker System was off (the speakers I use for front sound). I pushed it in and now everything is back to normal.

What I don't understand is why all the channels, other than CBC HD, sounded normal.

Thanks for your help and sorry to lead you on a wild goose chase.


2011-11-10, 02:09 PM
What I don't understand is why all the channels, other than CBC HD, sounded normal.
The dialogue on most channels comes out the center speaker, so if that's what you're concentrating on, then what you're missing is the audio from two of the other speakers and some people are more sensitive to missing that than others.

When a channel doesn't have the dialogue out the center channel, it becomes obvious as you found out. If you're in the correct DSP (ie none for DD5.1 and DPLII for DD2.0), then, if the A speakers are turned off, you would have no audio at all on "improperly encoded" DD5.1 programming like there is on CBC stations and sometimes PBS, per the FAQ I provided in post 935.

PS. Thanks for the feedback.

2011-11-10, 03:17 PM
Nice catch 57!

2011-11-19, 06:49 PM
Noticing on several commercials/promos today. Sometimes the voices echo and also getting cut off at end of commericals and when the show/game cut to break. Never noticed this before, and our feed just switched from Toronto to Halifax for HD.

2011-11-19, 08:05 PM
yes i've seen a lot of promos on CBC PEI that sound like they are in an echo chamber. sometimes the late local news hosts sound like that too.

i think its an issue at their master control.
next time you notice it, note the date/time and register a comment/complaint online... someone should check an air tape and look into it.

2011-11-19, 09:21 PM
I have also been noticing the echo chamber on some ads on CBC Toronto for the past couple days. I think I started noticing on Thursday.

2011-11-20, 05:24 PM
Watched our recorded corrie (whole week) today.

Noticed the "hollow audio" effect during a couple of segments from Thursday-Friday... Really weird.

Thursday, before the second commercial break, there was a gremlin of some kind with the actual recording of Corrie. Since I record it at 6:30pm (ET) via Cogeco SD box, and at 00:00 (midnight) via OTA converter box, the same segment had video pauses, sound chops and a couple of blank black bursts at the same point in both broadcasts. Since I usually use the OTA version (via Toronto) as the picture is slightly better, I first figured that the gremlin was an OTA reception problem of some kind. Curiosity got me checking the cable recording and much to my surprise, it happened there too... What's interesting about this is how each transmission medium was affected. The OTA version did seem slightly less tolerant of source digital glitches than the cable, but both feeds went gnarly at the same point in the program.



2011-11-20, 07:41 PM
I too noticed this audio effect while watching Jeopardy last week....odd.

2011-11-20, 11:48 PM
Just a theory on the odd audio effects...

I wonder if it's an issue of the switchover between different audio stream types as these transitions pass through master control?

I sometimes hear a noticeable "TICK" at the end of a Corrie segment heading into advertisements, both on the Cogeco feed (via SD Box) and the OTA converter box.

What I have not done, is watched Corrie on either feed in HD and let the AVR decode the Dolby bitstream. That might help determine the source of the tick.


2011-11-21, 08:58 AM
The audio echo is a bug with the automation system.

2011-11-21, 04:54 PM
Well, for what it's worth, the echo is happening on CBMT-DT as well. Kind of annoying, I have to say. ;)

2011-11-21, 06:40 PM
Well, for what it's worth, the echo is happening on CBMT-DT as well. Kind of annoying, I have to say. ;)

More annoying than SD??:)

2011-11-28, 02:31 PM
I'm told the "echo bug" has been squashed. If you hear it from now on, please post date/time/channel and I will have someone chase it down.

2011-11-28, 08:49 PM
Still experiencing echo during Jeopardy this evening.

2011-11-28, 09:14 PM
I heard it too, probably worse than ever before. In the analogue world I would have suspected left and right channels out of phase. The sound was hollow and the levels were lower than the commercials which sounded OK. The signal source was channel 514 on Rogers Cable in the 7:30 to 8:00 PM timeslot.

2011-11-28, 11:33 PM
Since Shaw switched to CBC Winnipeg HD instead of the Toronto feed, have noted a substantial increase in volume in the final segment of The National.
Immediately prior to that segment are local commercials which is where the volume increase actually takes place.

I'm aware that there are actually two final segments for The National, one featuring the Weather Story of the Day for the main network, and one featuring a full national weather forecast for Newsworld.

Marc, can the insert of the final segment into the Wpg feed be modulated at the same level as the rest of the program?

2011-11-29, 08:55 PM
Hearing echo-ing in a commercial on CBLT OTA at 8.53 pm eastern during commercial break on 22 Minutes.

2011-11-30, 09:01 AM
Marc, can the insert of the final segment into the Wpg feed be modulated at the same level as the rest of the program?
I've Passed it on to the appropriate people. FYI Some loudness control devices/processes are in the works.

2011-11-30, 09:25 AM

For the final segement of 22 minutes last night on CBCT, the sound was mostly gone. It cut in briefly and then for good for the end of the segment and the closing credits. The next show was fine.

The glitch happened immediately after a local commercial break. There were also a few hiccups during breaks only on Corontation Street, with a red CBC slide present for a minute or so around 7pm.

The local news, Coronation Street and Jeopardy are generally fine most nights as has been HNIC, although I had been noticing the funny echo occasionally in local news hits, breaks and promos.

2011-11-30, 01:11 PM
Actually, I don't think CBC had a good hair day yesterday with respect to Coronation Street with it's airing at 18:30 from CBC Toronto. :-)

It started without intro music, but instead with a segment that actually was from near the ending of that whole program, which cut abruptly into where it normally would start after the music into would have been.

Add to that anomaly, the guide data from Cogeco stated that Coronation Street would only be from "6:30pm-7pm" is another mystery. All that got nicely recorded by my PC...

When I quickly checked the recording, I noticed the odd beginning so I added in a recording of Corrie from Vancouver at 21:30 ET as we have the time shift package. That went completely without incident.