: Local Channels on Satellite: Any HDTV Programing?

2002-12-09, 01:31 PM
I was wondering if, in the cities where local channels are available on satallite, any of the network programing would be in HDTV, or just regular old 480i. If not, why? Bandwidth issues?

2002-12-09, 02:45 PM
If not, why? Bandwidth issues?

For the most part yes. I think DirectTv and Dish are frantically trying to find bandwidth for all the locals in standard definition let alone trying to do it in HD.

One of the selling points of the DirectTV and Dish merger was the amount of bandwidth that would be freed up because post merger they wouldn't have to broadcast all the channels twice. This would reduce bandwidth by almost 50%. (some channels are unique to each satellite company hence the reason it wouldn't be 50% exactly)

2002-12-09, 04:01 PM
None of the local channels are in HD. Satellite companies (by law) are now forced to show every local channel that's available in that market. So, if you live in LA, you get 20+ local channels. Since Directv / Dish wants to offer as many local cities as possible, there's no bandwidth left over.