: Hitachi 57uwx20b vs. Sony kp57ws500

2002-11-28, 06:28 PM
Does anyone have experience comparing these two models. I am at the point after all my research to buy on of these two. For one thousand dollars more I can get the loaded model from each Hitachi 57swx20b or Sony kp57wv700. Can you help me with this decision?

2002-11-28, 06:58 PM
This is more a personal decision IMHO, let your eyes do the talking as it's your eyeballs seeing the set, not us. The general consensus is that Hitachi makes a far better set than Sony, but you may also want to look at Toshiba. Sony is well known for their direct-view (tube) televisions but their projection sets are not rivalled at the top compared to other industry players and filled with gimicks (memory stick).

Personally I hated the look of this years 700 series with that god awful silver grille on the front, that would be very distracting when watching a movie at night. I wish they kept to the HS40/XBR2/WS500 series design. It's a TV not a rocket ship.