: Broadcasters file lawsuit against Gray Market Dealers today

2002-10-21, 11:36 AM
filed today (http://www.digitalhomecanada.com/news/anmviewer.asp?a=297&z=33)

2002-10-22, 09:02 AM
Big deal. If Bell spent the money on their own system and lobying the CRTC for more channels rather than lawyers, maybe they wouldn't need a monopoly to compete.

They should sue Starchoice also, may as well get rid of all the competition.

2002-10-22, 10:41 AM
Starchoice should sue BEV for its leaky/flaky security that enables anyone with a computer to get free TV.
BEV knew the technology sucked when they hopped on the DISH hardware bandwagon and should be held accountable for their stupidity.
Unfair competition as it hare to compete with free .

2002-10-23, 04:13 PM
Star Choice was actually going to use that same leaky hardware before they went with DC II. I bet Shaw is sure happy they didn't go that way.

2002-10-28, 02:58 PM
Only down side is, the menu guides for SC suck.

Ah well, price you pay for security.

2002-10-29, 01:07 PM
As reported in other forums, SC is now testing a new version of the guide that addresses all these "landing" problems etc. It sounds like it might be released around the end of the year. :D

2002-10-29, 01:57 PM
From the lawsuit article:

The Companies state that the actions of these dealers have had a severe impact on their businesses. Each company has lost
customers and revenue as a result of the illegal actions of these dealers.

Now, from today's press release. Seems like they are falling on hard times.

MONTREAL - Astral Media Inc. reported a record net profit from continuing
operations Wednesday as the company generated higher revenues from its
media and advertising divisions.

The radio and TV broadcaster said last week it earned $57.1 million for the
year ended Aug. 31. That's almost double the $29.7 million earned in the
previous year.

Revenues for fiscal 2002 grew 16% to $400 million. For the fourth quarter
alone, net profits from continuing operations were $10.5 million, including a
non-recurring $5.6 million after-tax write-down of a broadcast license. In last
year's fourth quarter Astral earned $6.9 million. Revenues increased 8% to
$102.3 million.

Astral Media is active in specialty, pay and pay-per-view television, owning
such assets as The Movie Network, MoviePix, Family Channel, Canal Indigo,
Super Écran, Canal Famille, Canal D, Canal Z, Canal Vie, Historia, Series+,
Viewer's Choice Canada and pieces of Teletoon, Musimax and MusiquePlus,
radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising.

"Our television group once again led the way achieving record subscriber
levels and outstanding growth in advertising revenues," said company
co-founder and CEO Ian Greenberg.