: Sound Dropouts on Rogers HD Preview Channel 501

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2005-07-19, 11:48 PM
I am new to HDTV. I just rented the 3250HD box. I have no problems with any of the HD channels, except for Rogers' own Preview channel 501! It happens to not only the MM Video Awards, but also the one when they are introducing the advantages of HDTV.

I am using coax digital audio out into my Pioneer VSX812 receiver. About 1 second of sound is dropped every 20 seconds. If I switch the Audio output setting to "Other" (instead of "Dolby Digital"), the stutter goes away.

I tried to search the forum, but couldn't find a solution. I called Rogers, and they say they are not aware of the sound drop problem.

Fortunately, I don't have this problem with the regular HD channels.


2005-07-21, 09:38 AM
SuperGoop, I've noticed the same sound dropouts on the Rogers HDTV preview channel (501). Haven't even tried to change sound settings because the other HD channels seems to be OK except for problems which others have identified with sound occasionally (louder, softer etc. on various channels). Could it be that the Dolby sound is not being properly managed by Rogers?

My receiver for sound is a Sony DB1070 which has been providing excellent full surround sound.

I occasionally glance at the preview channel just for the picture to ensure that broadcasting of HD picture is OK when there are problems at source with some broadcasts on network TV channels.

Enjoying HDTV. Wish there was more Movie channel HDTV and more "educational" HDTV.

2005-07-21, 01:37 PM
I had really bad audio stutters when I connected my Pioneer VSX-409 receiver to the Explorer 8000HD using coax.

I switched to the toslink optical connector and all the stutters went away. You might want to give that a try.

2005-07-21, 01:43 PM
Myself think it is the recording of the awards and the cbc high def commercial. In the cbc thing the flesh tone colour is crap and the drop outs in the mm awards are always at the same time during the show. It is for sure the recording of it not the channel. My thoughts only:)

2005-07-21, 01:59 PM
I noticed the problem on the MM awards show on the preview channel. It also has a slight freeze frame thing every once in a while. I never see this problem on any other HD channels.

2005-07-21, 03:20 PM
I've had the same problems as well.........it must be the recording of the show

2005-07-21, 04:01 PM
Yep. Same thing on my 8300HD.

2005-10-08, 12:13 AM
Same Problem here with MMVA audio drop outs on both coax digital or toslink on a Denon Recv. All other channels with Dolby D are fine (LEtterman, leno)

2005-10-09, 08:43 AM
Same problem here.

2005-10-12, 09:20 AM
I have seen numerous people who have this problem including me (Yamaha HTR5230 + SA3250). Rogers is aware of this and is either A) not able to fix it OR B) thinks it is not their problem. My guess is B.

Searching through these forums, there are a select few who do not experience the droppouts, but they fail to list what equipment they are using. It would be helpful, for those of us that are on the verge of upgrading to know what equipment works.

The preview channel is the BEST channel for showing off HD. Not to mention they have some good stuff on sometimes. (MMVAs...that performance by Archade Fire is AWESOME, Coldplay concert)

2005-10-12, 10:33 AM
I believe that the issue is related to the SA3250HD - I had it on my SA3250HD STB before I got the SA8300HD, which I'm using now with my Yamaha without difficulty. You could consider upgrading to the SA8300HD. It only happens on this one channel and is likely related to the way the programme was encoded. The SA8300HD used to have video freezes, but that was "fixed" with the last update to the demo loop.

You can run analogue audio and the issue will go away, or you can try PCM (other? as indicated in the first post) output instead of DD when you want to use that channel.

Here's another thread on the subject...


2005-10-12, 02:23 PM
Hi Supergoop --

You may need to (as uberchuckie did) change over to an optical connection to an available input on your receiver -- it seems that a good chunk of SA 3250HD receivers have this issue with the preview channel... (alternatively, if PVR is your thing then go for the SA 8300HD as these have no known instances of sound drop out with coax or optical).

I personally have tried several different combinations of receivers and connections (and audio settings) and have had the best result from optical w/8300HD...



(Of course, if I had read the threads above, I might not have been so repetitive... (sorry--new to the forum)

2005-10-12, 05:18 PM
Actually, I have the 8300HD and I also notice audio dropouts on 501 from time to time. Before the update, I used to get video freezes too, but now it's just periodic audio dropouts. Doesn't really bother me 'cause I rarely actually check out the channel.

2005-10-12, 11:41 PM
The sound dropouts are also occuring on WGRZ Channel 2 cable 17. It's quite a task trying to watch news with words being dropped out. I have noticed the dropouts for the last couple of weeks

2005-10-13, 09:14 AM
I have the HD PVR box (i think it's 8300) and i've also had this problem with the preview channel as well. I've also notice that discovery HD also has audio drop with some of the HD content they show (most recently I noticed it with a program about the cave coffins in China) I also find that east coast ABC also has sound problems (had it happen with Desperate Housewives and Lost). I feel it might be the actual broadcaster's signal since I watch the same shows on west coast ABC and have no problems. It can be frustrating at times, but I guess these are the hiccups that come with new technologies.:rolleyes:

2005-10-13, 12:11 PM
As for my previous posted comments about the 8300HD, I was speaking about my experience (sorry) and did not mean to generalize -- however, I still believe that there is something to using the optical method for connection as these seem less prone to dropouts with these SA receivers...
-- rad_sci_guy -- are those HDABC sound issues during live broadcasts or during recorded playback?
Periodic video and audio "freezes" on HDABC and HDDISC etc, as you say are most likely due to transmission and MPEG encoding from the broadcaster, but
consistent sound dropouts on other stations may be unique to the equipment -- and I'd suggest to those who rent boxes that there's no harm in exchanging them at your local Rogers store -- it's no secret that there are plenty of bad boxes out there (for example with early shipments of 3250HDs being hit or miss on whether the DVI output was even enabled...). It may boil down to exchanging until you get a box that's acceptable.

2005-10-16, 11:21 PM
Running optical cable with the HD3250 and Sony STR-K4800P receiver. Audio drop outs on the MMVA's and also on the CBC HDTV info segment. Have been able to get around it by using the regular RCA audio jacks, or keeping the optical and setting the sound to 'other' from 'dd' in the STB menu.

I don't really check out that channel that much, but do like to pop it on when showing guests what HD has to offer :)


2005-10-19, 04:50 PM
Hi jrol

Actually for ABC it was the recorded playbacks but for HD discovery I was watching the program live. It's happened live on HDdiscovery a couple of other times. I can't remember the other shows but it's only the HD content that has the sound disruption (usually 1 or 2 seconds). I am using an optical cable for the audio and have the dolby digital selected on the settings.

2005-12-02, 08:09 PM
I am having the same issues with my SA3250 receiver especially on the preview channel and cbc hd and several others from time to time. I am having it looked into by Rogers senior technicians. They so far claim they have had no known issues. I suggest you call them. Call repair. Call customer service. Let them know!

2005-12-02, 09:05 PM
koogorge, the other channels should be fine, except for the odd sound dropout - say 1-2 per hour or so. I have encountered it occasionally on Discovery as well - F2 for example.

If you have more than that, check your signal strength - see the Digital Home FAQ "Tips for SA STBs". Low SS has caused sound dropouts.