: FAQ - How Do I Make Hyperlinks (Fancy URLs)?

2002-09-19, 07:45 PM
Ever wonder how people create Hyperlinks - you know, those fancy URLs that appear as "blue text" in posts, but take you directly to the internet site. Well it's not hard. Here are the easy step by step instructions (only a couple of extra clicks required once you've done it a couple of times).

1. Find the webpage you want to link to.
2. Copy the URL from the address line at the top of the browser.
3. Go to the page where you create, edit or reply to posts.
4. Click on the url box (right-most box, under the subject line).
5. Hit the backspace key - this will remove the right square bracket.
6. Add an = (equal sign).
7. Paste your URL after the equal sign.
8. Type the right square bracket back in after your URL which was pasted in, in step 6.
9. Type whatever text you want to appear in your post, instead of the URL.
10. Click the URL box again (same one you clicked in step 4).

There you're done. If you don't like where you've created this hyperlink (it's always created at the end of the post, or wherever you stopped typing), you can cut/paste it anywhere in your post. Just make sure you don't lose any characters. One typo and you're dead. Your text will appear in the post wherever you paste the Hyperlink. You can even make it part of your written text, instead of a separate paragraph if you wish.

Click on the preview button and you'll see your handiwork. If you don't see the blue hyperlink, with the text you wanted in place of the URL, you've done something wrong.

The hyperlink should look like the following, except that the "curly" brackets will be square brackets. (If I were to actually put square brackets into these instructions, I'd be creating a URL and you wouldn't be able to see what I've typed properly).

{URL=http://www.thisthatandtheotherwebsite.com}Your text{/URL}

Note 1. This can be especially useful if you have a really long URL. Long URLs make your post look less professional and even cause difficulty for some users in some browsers.

Note 2. URLs that contain curly brackets cannot be properly pasted into posts. You can paste them, but then people have to cut and paste the actual URL into the address pane of the browser. Whenever you encounter this situation, you should say so in your post.

2002-09-19, 08:39 PM
Thanks 57 for the helpful hints.

I do it a slightly different way.

I highlight the words to be hyperlinked and then click the URL button. By doing this it, it puts the URL tags (or any other tag you select) around the highlighted text.

I then move to the appropriate spot and put = and then paste the URL.

This technique works well for changing a section ot bold or coloured text etc.

p.s. this technique does not work with Macs :cry:

2002-09-19, 10:24 PM
Sorry human, this highlighting thing doesn't work for me - I've sent you a PM. (IE5.1.5, Mac OS8.6)

It does work on my PC at work (Office 2000, IE6)

2002-09-20, 07:44 AM
Your right, tested it on a Mac!

2005-02-28, 06:45 PM
With the new forum, all long links are "compressed" to fit on one line, so a simple cut/paste will do the trick if you don't want to get fancy.