: Best Place to buy an Ipod Mini

2005-03-18, 09:09 AM
Well gonna take the plunge and get a mini. 4GB model Silver. Where is the best place to purchase one? I want the dock as well and I guess the new generations don't come with the dock. Does the over-priced optional dock on apple's site come with a cable at least? Are the headphones suitable? I will be using it for walking the dog and for the gym. I want to run it in the car bad don't want to use iTrip cause I have read reviews that talk about how bad the reception is through FM. Thanks

2005-03-18, 12:52 PM
If you buy it through apple.ca it costs 20 bucks more than retailers ($249) but they laser engrave it for you. You just enter the words on the order page and it shows you a mockup. I bought one for my stepson and it was here within 4 days (FedEx). I wouldn't expect to get a great deal on it anywhere. Apple is one of those companies like Microsoft that control the prices that retailers can charge. It's the same price wherever you go.

On a side note, in the last month I have bought a digital camera for my daughter's birthday and the aforementioned ipod and I have neither a digital camera nor an ipod!

2005-03-18, 01:07 PM

prices are pretty much the same everywhere. I bought 2 iPods over the past year, and they were bought from BestBuy. I usually don't buy extended warranty, but since the one they offer for th iPod covers the battery replacement - along with the usual coverage - for 3 years, I figured it was wise to get it.

Beware, BestBuy's iPod accessories are overpriced - as it is with pretty much everything else at FS and BB. They sell you the big ticket item (like a camcorder) for a good price, but you'd be foolish to buy their tapes and bags if you compared prices.

The dock is really not necessary. It does not perform anything that can't already be achieved with the cable. So IMHO, no dock.

The headphones: well, you and I discussed the in-ear headphones in another thread. I don't like the standard earphones that Apple ships with the iPod. There's a lot of other models out there that will do a better job. Better spend nothing on the dock and more on headphones.

As far as the iTrip, I own 2 of them (one for each iPod / vehicle). I'm in Edmonton so we have a lot of room to spare on the FM band. It's easy to pick a frequency in the mid range, which is what Griffin recommends for optimal reception. It works quite well, and it definitely beats all the messy wires. In an urban setting, you'll run into more interference, especially at intersections.

I know people who have tried other FM transmitters and they acutally performed less well than the iTrip does.

And as a new iPod owner, make sure you checkout http://www.ipodlounge.com

It's a great site with lots of reviews for accessories, cases, and things like the iTrip.

Hope this helps! Cheers :)

2005-03-18, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the opinions and info guys. I figured the prices were more or less the same across the board. I have a cart saved on Apple.ca with a 4gb mini in silver and the dock. I may take your advice and drop the dock. My worry is that I have so much crap on my desk at home...


U can see why a dock might help me. I have lots of headphones at home that I can try out. I have read so many mixed reviews about the itrip and the belkin one...I read about the monster i cruze but jesus its 249.00US. I may forgo that anyways cause I am looking at a DVD player for the escape that can play giga mp3's.

Are the cases really that necessary? The i-skin or whatever its called...I take very good care of my gear...but i know scratches can occur shoudl I be worried?

Yeah I never buy accessories from Best buy or FS...at least 20-30% more there.


2005-03-18, 05:24 PM
I do have a couple of cases, mostly for shock protection. Scratches will occur, case or no case.

To remove scratches, buy Brasso, a brass polish product sold in the cleaning product aisle of some grocery stores. It costs $3 and does a great job on the glass. It's also good on the plastic and the stainless steel of iPods, but you're getting a mini, so I don't think that part applies.


2005-03-18, 07:25 PM
apple.ca offers discounts for students(university/college), click on stores, then on education(right side), log in student info and voila.

Student prices:
4G mini: $225.00
6G mini: $289.00
30G ipod photo: $399.00
mac mini: $599.00

If you have relatives that are students, you can cash in on some savings. Prices still include free shipping and everything else.