: Broadcast Dialogue Magazine - "High Def it's Here"

2002-09-02, 02:01 PM
Interesting article (http://www.broadcastdialogue.com/Magazine/fullstory_blue.asp?article=384) for those looking for more information about HD in Canada.

Bell says it had just under 7,000 owners of HD receivers at beginning of this summer And say they will have 10 to 16 HD channels after nimiq 2 launches in December.

2002-09-02, 05:57 PM
Rogers says 1700 in June and intimates about 5-6000 now.

Here's a question for you. Bell quotes the following: How do they intend to do this without antennae?

Bell ExpressVu intends to help them do that. The company planned to begin offering at the beginning of the summer an EchoStar off-air tuner module that plugs into the back of its high-end EchoStar 6000 HD set-top box. This 8VSB off-air tuner module allows viewers to pick up off-air HD signals, and to do it effortlessly - no rabbit ears, no additional antenna, no switching back and forth between receive systems, no hunting for unfamiliar stations.

2002-09-02, 10:38 PM
I wondered the same thing after reading. I'm assuming the writer screwed up.