: How about All-Digital SHAW?

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2005-06-27, 01:47 AM
There was a time that the Analog vs Digital issue didn't bother me. Then I traded in my 27" for a widescreen HDTV (42"). Now I want the analog channels gone. View either through the internal tuner, or my DCT6200, the analog channels show all the interference and look like crap.

Even the most compressed (WSBK, Detroit Timeshifts 131-135 etc) look better than most Analog stations.

Not to mention the bandwith issues of having all those analog stations.

2005-06-27, 03:26 AM
We had Rogers here for years ... they were even worse than Shaw. I was a Rogers customer for 10 years ... have never experienced a worse company for customer service.

The past does not equal the present. In the 1960s, "Made in Japan" was viewed as cheap and poor quality. Today, some of the most respected brands are Japanese (eg. Sony). As someone who moved from Ontario (Rogers) to BC (Shaw) less than 2 years ago (much more recent than your Rogers to Shaw move), I can testify that Rogers' service is much better than Shaws. And from my experience, Shaw's customer service is worst than Rogers.

2006-06-02, 03:55 AM
Early a member mentioned he couldn't afford to buy 2 other digital boxes considering his new car and boat.
Lucky for you sir, (and all of us :cool: ) the addition of an all digital lineup would make the cost of boxes go down. Right now digital boxes are expensive due that to tha analog tuner inside of them. Sat boxes and sktelmax boxes don't have the analog tuner, thus their equipment is super cheap. The only feature I will miss when Shaw goes all digital, is the ability to record one chanel to my dvd recorder, and watch aonther channel atthe same time using hte a/b switch on teh box :(

2006-06-02, 11:01 AM
If you go into the 6412's menu, (power off on dct, then menu on your remote), there are lot's of options to change. I think it's the 2nd or 3rd option down, I think it's called "4:3 overide", you can choose something like "stretch, 480p", etc...try using "480p", at least on my 46" Samsung DLP it stretches the 4:3 anolog and digitals to fit my screen and I think it also upconverts them to 480p, making these particular channels look 10x better. Using the "stretch" option, it does pull the image to fit my screen, but the channels don't look any better, same as the internal TV stretch modes don't make the channels look any better, just makes them fit the screen. So try "480p", and see how that works for you. (if you have a TV that supports that mode of course).

It does nothing of course for HDTV, the 4:3 HDTV channels are still 4:3, and whatever resolution they are broadcasting in remains the same 1080i, etc...which is how it should be.

2006-06-02, 02:44 PM
Warlor, with that setting (480P), I believe you also down-rez your HD.

2006-06-04, 03:20 PM
Warlor, with that setting (480P), I believe you also down-rez your HD.

I'm pretty sure you don't down-rez HD channels with that setting.

The 2nd option (after TV type) is HDMI/YpbPr OUTPUT, which I have set at 1080I (default), so it's not limiting my resolution on my outputs.

Now the option we are discussing, the 3rd one down, 4:3 Override, which I have set at 480P. If you check your Motorola manual it says, "Sets the display format for 4:3 standard-definition programming. If the YPbPr Output is set to 1080I, 720P, or 480P, this setting defaults to 480I. If the YPbPr Output is set to 480I, this setting defaults to OFF and cannot be changed. Options are:"

"OFF displays non-high-definition programs having a 4:3 aspect ratio in wide screen format. On an HDTV, black bars display on the left and right of the picture. Selecting OFF for a 4:3 TV may result in a small picture with black bars around it."

"480I displays non-high-definition programs in their original 480I format. Some TV's cannot display 480I format on their component video inputs (YPbPr). Check the TV user manual for more information."

480P (reads the same as 480I).

"Stretch, automatically stretches all standard definition programming to fill your widescreen display. Stretch can only be selected if you have the TV type set to 16:9."

So as you can see, all options in the 4:3 override setting apply to NON high-definition programs. It shouldn't have any effect on HD programs, and if anyone can explain otherwise, I'd be happy to hear it, since I definately would not be wanting to down-rez my HD channels! :o

Nanuuk, where you WOULD be limiting your HD is if you set your 2nd option (HDMI/YpbPr OUTPUT) lower than the default of 1080I.