: TMN-HD - Major Macroblocking

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2005-01-03, 01:07 PM
I actually watched Badder Santa too last night. I found the dry humour quite amusing! I did notice minor, but relatively frequent, 'errors' in small parts of the image all during the presentation.

2005-01-04, 10:36 AM
Here is another one: Stargate Atlantis last night.
At the point where they are chasing a Wrath ship around and away from Atlantis, the ship seemed like it was slowing down and getting fuzzy. All of a sudden, it froze in the air, blocks everywhere and the picture looked like if I was seeing it through a foggy window. While this was happening, the sound was still perfect. Then the picture unfroze and everything went normal again. It was the first time I noticed artifacts and stuff during Atlantis since last August.

2005-01-04, 04:15 PM
Here is what I can tell you from TMN-HD.

TMN-HD have seen the same macroblocking that we have seen, and are looking into ways to improve the picture quality...I believe it is a good sign that they acknowledge that the issue exists and that they are willing to look into improving the PQ.

2005-01-04, 06:58 PM
57, feel free to delete this post, but I did not see Danster's issue on the new MC-HD. Would not TMN-HD and MC-HD use the same source?

2005-01-05, 07:52 PM
It is nice indeed that they are listening. Each time my wife and I sees macroblocking, she tells me "Are you going to report it to the digital forum again?".
I looked at 280, the ROGERS prevue channel when they show the football loop. There doesn't seem to be any pixelation as far as I can tell.
No matter what, thanks for bringing it up to your contact.

2005-02-10, 10:04 AM
Thought I'd bring this thread back to life after watching Driven on CityTV last week. Picture was superb and there was VERY little visible macroblocking despite the nature of the film and it's editing style. This is the way it CAN and SHOULD be done on TMN.

2005-02-11, 05:36 PM
Have you noticed the macroblocking issue on HD PPV channels too?

I watched Hero and it looked really bad. Lots of quick movement and bright saturated and contrasting colours in this movie really put the macroblocking on a silver platter to enjoy in its full delapitated glory. My wife and I aren't sure if we ever want to watch a movie on HD-PPV again.

I'm checking with other people who get HD movies in the US to see if they have the same issues and I'm asking what receivers they use. I assume its a limitation of the mpeg compression but I'll be pissed if others get to see HD movies without it.

2005-02-11, 06:20 PM
Perfect Husband had a lot of macroblocking after some "flashes" (photographer flashes) the type of stuff dialog_gvf talks about.

Also had a fair bit on another couple of movies I watched last week - can't remember which ones, they didn't even have a lot of action, but there was macroblocking...

I wish I'd never noticed. It's all padlock's fault - he started that Kill Bill thread... ;)

2005-02-12, 12:52 PM
I wish I'd never noticed
I'm sure you would have anyway, as it's plainly obvious! It was NOT always like this though.

2005-02-13, 06:30 PM
I wish I'd never noticed. It's all padlock's fault - he started that Kill Bill thread... ;)

Sorry about that, I didn't mean to ruin anyones experience. :)

On the plus side, the more people notice, the more people complain, the more likely they are to do something about it.

Speaking of which, I don't for a second buy the argument that 19.2 Mbps is not enough for high quality HDTV. Anyone who's seen an HD movie on CBS, (or even one of the regular shows like CSI) knows how spectacular HDTV can look, even with lots of motion on the screen.

2005-02-13, 06:43 PM
There are also people in the U.S. experiencing these problems on their HD movie channels. A poster on AVS Forum asked about the D-Theatre tape of The Rundown to see if it had the picture problems during the opening nightclub scenes that were present on his copy taped from one of the movie services. He described exactly the same problems we are seeing here.

P.S. The D-Theatre Rundown is free of artifacts.

2005-02-14, 03:13 PM
Who should we complain to? Rogers? PPV?

2005-02-14, 03:17 PM
TMN are aware of it - read the earlier parts of this thread.

If you wish, send an e-mail to Rogers, but realize that there's probably not much they're going to do - don't waste the technician's time coming to your house, that's not going to change anything.

See the following post.


2005-06-04, 11:25 PM
I tell you the artifacting on SpiderMan II tonight on HD just plain sucked.....
It even froze on a couple of action scenes.

This sucks. What's the point of having HD when the artifacting is so severe.

2005-08-20, 04:32 PM
As was noted in another thread, TMN has increased their bandwidth on all cable systems.

All NEW movies/programmes will be encoded with the higher bitrates, so we should see improvements there.

Older movies/programmes will be re-encoded as time permits, but may take some time, so be aware of possible differences between new/old movies/programmes.

I have been travelling since July 13, so I won't be able to comment personnally for some time (after I've recorded some TMN stuff). (my HDD is almost full due to my absence, so I need to clear some room first)

2005-08-23, 09:10 PM
Good news, 57, but it didn't show on the Six Feet Under finale on either Sunday or Monday night. Some parts stuttered along like they were in slow motion. Any idea what happened there?


2005-08-24, 08:23 AM
The stuttering is a separate issue, that may have been created during the encoding process. Notify TMN and they may reencode the show, but it's likely too late for most people...

I watched "Sky Captain" the other night (I know, don't ask why). Although the movie had a bit of a "fuzzy, cartoonish" image, the explosions and "dog fights" had a lot less macroblocking than we have seen in previous movies. I'd say the higher bitrate is working, although I've only seen this one new movie.

2005-08-24, 12:22 PM
LAst Wednesday, the Sopranos had stuttering effect. I hope tonights episode isn't as bad...

2005-08-24, 01:26 PM
If there are more reports of (new) stuttering, I'll report it to my contact. I'll try to record a few more programmes myself - I've got a few movies that I will watch, but I've still got catching up to do from my various trips.

2005-08-25, 07:19 AM
Last night, the first show (Sopranos) was ok. I pvr'd the second one but I would guess they were alright.