: TMN-HD - Major Macroblocking

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2004-12-14, 10:49 AM
Could you add this program to the list that had lots of macroblocking? The Dead Like Me last night in NB had lots of it. It's the first time I see that program to have any defects in the picture.
It happened each time Georgia thought of the past and came back in the present. It was so bad, I thought there was a match of Tetris in between the shots. I have it recorded on the PVR and if I can, I'd post the picture. I slowed motion through it and it's all grey between the frames of 2 good pictures.
Like I said, I've been watching all episodes since last year but this is the worst I've seen fo far. also, the reds were like a very bad transcode of a DV movie. It seemed like it bled everywhere and had the looks of a NTSC picture on dope.

2004-12-14, 11:52 AM
Thanks. Will add (actually TMN is reading this thread on occasion)

2004-12-19, 09:08 AM

i've been an hd subcriber with rogers for 6 months now. i have noticed macroblocking on almost every movie in on TMN-HD that i have seen since kill bill. I don't think i noticed it before on movies like Catch Me If You Can. I haven't seen the latest broadcast on it, but I think that something has changed over the past few months. I notice macroblocking mostly in scenes with lightening (unwatchable like in Bad Boys 2) or scence with close up quick movement. Some movies that I have seen this in are Chicago, Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill. Almost every movie has some degree of macroblocking, some to the point where i prefer to watch the SD version.

I hope this is an issue that can be resolved because it seems to be getting worse.

2004-12-19, 01:10 PM
The people at TMN-HD are going to be viewing the 9:45 AM Monday "You Got Served" movie. I recorded it recently and it still has the major macroblocking in the dance sequences at the start of the movie during the credits and at the dance scenes near the end of the movie. Any red clothing seems to show it very well...

There is a major macroblock/screen freeze right after the credit for "casting by" about 3-4 minutes in. If you've got an HD DVR, set it for the 9:45 Monday showing...

I'll advise what I hear back from TMN.

2004-12-19, 02:11 PM
Good stuff!

Let's hope they don't merely point a finger at Rogers.

Anyone know the format TMN delivers their HD movies in?


2004-12-19, 02:19 PM
Anyone know the format TMN delivers their HD movies in?
Depends on the service provider. See the Digital Home FAQ on "HDTV Formats". On Rogers it's 1080i.

Forgot to mention, they will be looking at both:

- their feed to Rogers
- the Rogers "output".

2004-12-20, 10:03 AM
A little late but better than never. I watched these shows while recorded and noticed the severe macroblocking. Luckily the movies were not that great so I was not as pissed as I might have been (although the only reason I watched You Got Served was for the dance sequences which were ruined by macroblocking).

I hate showing these movies to friends/family because it reflects poorly on my system and TMN. I get frustrated about talking the praises up of my system, HD, and TMN just to turn around and show people how poor it can be. Don't make me start bad-mouthing TMN.

2004-12-20, 11:19 PM
I should also add that I have noticed macroblocking on other channels beside TMN. For example, I also noticed it on the NBC feed of Las Vegas tonight. Hope this helps.

2004-12-21, 09:20 AM
Last night, Dead Like Me was full of Macroblocking. This time they didn't need any flashes or lightning effects to make it worse. When the camera when from one side of a room to another, real fast, it's like if the picture had a hard time being drawn or something. It was grainy and very blocky. Then when the camera stopped, it took half a second to make it normal clear again. Kinda sucks when you're into the show. I wasn't "looking" for any defects but when they "yell" at ya, I can't help but notice them thus distracting me from the show.

2004-12-21, 05:52 PM
Depends on the service provider. See the Digital Home FAQ on "HDTV Formats". On Rogers it's 1080i.

I meant whether it was tape/hard drive. Compressed/uncompressed.

Is a tape arriving with some dropouts in it, or is that being created by Rogers when they broadcast it?


2004-12-21, 08:40 PM
You often see macroblocking on sports - basketball on RSN at times is particularly bad and it was also noticable last year on CBC during the heritage hockey game - one time the camera was focused in a picture far away and a player skated in front of the camera taking up most of the field of vision of the camera - major, major macroblocking.

The diving in the Olympics this past summer was also very bad.

2004-12-28, 09:19 PM
Still Macroblocking...Just called into Rogers to ask about this issue - was watching BB2 and couldn't bare to watch it anymore. The TSR told me the signals on my end were great and that they would have to look into it on their end and would call me back.

I have been noticing this effect since I got my TV a few weeks ago and wondered if it was the TV itself. Good to see it seems like all models are having the same issue (well not good, but you know what I mean ;) )

I'll post any feedback when/if I hear back.


2004-12-29, 01:12 PM
Bad Boys II also has plenty of bad moments. I figured it was just the 19Mbps problem with a lot of "Bruckheimer flash".

Otherwise TMN-HD PQ is outstanding - source permitting of course. Check out A View From the Top some time :eek:

2005-01-01, 08:26 PM
Her'es another movie that had way too much macroblocking: Paycheck.
The movie would go fuzzy at times also. It had a hard time with fast moving pictures as well as reds flashing.

2005-01-02, 10:02 AM
Now that's odd because I just wached Paycheck off the PVR last night and was going to post that I found little or no macroblocking! There was also very little 'pixelation' on this particular recording, thank goodness.

I'm with Rogers. You?

2005-01-02, 11:32 AM
I recorded Paycheck, but have not watched it yet - will advise when I do. I watched Cold Mountain and it had major pixellation/sound dropouts and one "freeze frame", but no bothersome macroblocking.

I have also noticed that the macroblocking is more noticeable with "reds".

I have not heard back from TMN on this issue - probably on holidays or working on the issue. Will advise when I hear back.

Danster is with Rogers NB, Motorola STB.

During a bowl game yesterday, ABC had one of those "sweeping logos" that goes across the screen following replays. During the olympics, the NBC sweeping logo had major macroblocking. The one on ABC yesterday was "clean".

2005-01-02, 01:32 PM
That reminds me...I watched Cold Mountain 'live' a few days ago...no macroblocking, and of course, no pixelation or drop outs.

2005-01-02, 05:51 PM
The spot that had the most was when Affleck is interrogated by the FBI on the chair and then the guy lights up a cigarette, hell breaks lose and all. At that point, when the reds flash, it looks like a Tetris game going on. Many little weird shape blocks appearing and dissapearing. A bit like Pink Floyd the Wall type of uneven blocks.

2005-01-02, 07:08 PM
Yeah, just re-watched that segment and you're right. I've seen worse, but that's pretty bad.

2005-01-03, 01:03 PM
Watched "Badder Santa" last night (or most of it, what a bad movie, kept waiting for it to get better, finally FF through about 1/3 of it). For the 2/3 I did watch, I encountered little pixellation or macroblocking.

I FF to the "red segment" of Paycheck (haven't watched it yet). There was major macroblocking at that "red" segment.

I find that if you FF, due to the "freeze frame" nature of FF, that you can find the macroblocking quite easily....

I also watched Discovery Channel's "Ultimate Cars" in HD. There were two programmes. One was on "top 5 peoples' choice". There was absolutely no pixellation for that 1/2 hour. The other programme on "top 9 cars" had several pixellation issues as well as macroblocking. It's so odd that some programmes are "clean" and others are "not".

My drive was about 70% full at the time of viewing both programmes. Most of the time my drive is less than 50%, but I just got back from vacation and I'm catching up...