: Good TCP/IP book

2012-04-03, 10:22 AM
I recently borrowed "THE ILLUSTRATED NETWORK - HOW TCP/IP WORKS IN A MODERN NETWORK (http://store.elsevier.com/The-Illustrated-Network/Walter-Goralski/isbn-9780123745415/)" from the library. While I'm nowhere near through it, it appears to be an excellent reference, both for those learning about TCP/IP and more experience readers. It covers a wide range of TCP/IP topics, including IPv6, HTTP, secure sockets layer and much more. The book was first published in 2008, so it's content is fairly up to date.

2012-04-03, 10:55 AM
I found this online http://www.tcpipguide.com/index.htm
probably not as good as the book you mention but the price is right.
It also has IPV6

2012-04-03, 11:17 AM
+1 to timlocke's TCP/IP Guide. Full of useful info, including IPv6. My copy is dog-eared, and has corners of certain pages folded over.

2012-04-03, 11:51 AM
Actually, I came across that site a while ago.

I also have other TCP/IP texts, but some are getting a bit dated. However, it's always nice to have a good reference handy "on the shelf" and that book doesn't have ads. Another excellent reference is IBM's "TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview (https://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/gg243376.pdf)". A PDF version is available for free download.