: Building Out Of Production Antennas?

2012-03-16, 01:54 PM
A newbie question if you dont mind, do I understand correctly that you guys actually design and build your own antennas here? Very cool!

2012-03-16, 02:35 PM
Yes, these guys and gals do! There are some really smart people here!

2012-03-20, 02:58 PM
OK thanks, I was wondering if these guys and gals could actually physically duplicate, some of the old OOP antennas. Possibly someone with access to an aluminum fabricating facility. Would that be possible?

2012-03-25, 01:38 PM
What do you mean by an "old OOP antenna" ? out of Phase?

2012-03-29, 07:25 PM
OOP= Out of Production

2012-04-02, 01:36 PM
mikep54, you'll find plenty of examples at this site of people who have fabricated knock-offs of classic TV antennas. Here's a good starting point:


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