: 34HF83 And PC Gaming

2004-08-22, 09:18 AM
Hello, I've recently went out and purchased a 51H84C and I'm loving it. I tried hooking my PC up to it to try some online gaming with poor results. I tried hooking up both S-Video and Composite cables, both with poor results. It worked but the blacks looked like a dark brown colour and there was a constant line rolling up the screen. I had tried different resolutions and tweaks within my PC with no resolve. I had also tried different stretch modes on the TV as well as trying to change the aspect ratio (which wasn't possible) without a solution. It was playable and I used it like this for a bit but didn't want to damage the television so I no longer use it for this purpose.

I'm now currently looking into purchasing a 34HF83 or 84 and am wondering if my results will/should be better with this set. I'd like to do some PC and console gaming, but am afraid to invest into a new television which may produce the same results. Anyone have any ideas?