: Image problem on Movie Central HD

2012-01-29, 05:32 PM
I'm seeing a problem with the video image on one of my tvs (a projector) on the Movie Central HD channel. I'm getting a single line of pixelization along the bottom of the screen whenever that portion of the screen has motion in the scene. I have checked other HD channels and do not see this problem. I also don't see it on my other HD TV but it is a smallish lcd and I wonder whether it is cutting off the bottom section or perhaps it is too small compared to the image on the projected screen to notice the issue.

That fact that it doesn't occur on other channels seems to rule out a defective hdmi cable, or a projector problem, or a dct problem (it is a Gateway portal). Perhaps a Movie Central originating issue or Shaw distribution issue?

I'm wondering it anyone else is seeing this problem on their larger TVs or projectors?

2012-01-29, 05:39 PM
Here's the FAQ post on 0% overscan. This can be an issue with some programming/channels if the image is not properly centered. Is this happening on one movie, or all movies.


Perhaps you can zoom the FP just a bit to take the garbage "off screen"? Are you going through an AVR? If so, are you letting the AVR upconvert the signal?

2012-01-29, 06:28 PM
Thanks for the link. I had thought of overscan issues and I might play with settings on the projector, if possible, to see how this might affect it. I have seen a single pixel line (on the top or bottom of the screen on some channels) of random colours on certain channels very rarely. However, I don't currently believe this is the issue I'm seeing with regard to MC HD.

After re-reading my previous post, I realize I was unclear what I meant by single line of pixelization. I didn't mean a single scan line, I should have said a single row containing multiple scan lines of pixelated (blocky but related to the image colours - not random) blocks along the bottom of the screen.

The image is coming from the Gateway portal (set to 1080i and 720p so it sends the original signal through) direct to the projector through a hdmi cable. Audio only goes to the receiver through an optical cable. The problem seems to be happening with multiple movies, both watching live or playing back recordings as long as the movie is 16:9.