: New access cards

Dean W
2004-08-19, 04:03 PM
I am hesitent to post this as I don't want this to come accross as someone who is wanting to hack cards or anything.

I bought two new 5900s a couple weeks back. I assumed that I have the new access cards in the receivers as they are different colours than the ones in my other receivers. Other receivers' cards were mainly white with blue swirl Expressvu written on there.

THe ones in my 5900 are purple-ish with white writing and a yellow arrow. On another board, someone is saying new cards they got for NFL ST are white.

Just wondering.

2004-08-19, 04:17 PM
This is being discussed in this thread (http://www.digitalhomecanada.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16376)