: Help me with my TV!! (Older PRIMA)

2011-12-26, 03:03 PM
Hey guys, usually my google is pretty good but I can't find the answer to this one..

I have a PRIMA PH-4237P TV in the basement for my kid, bought a surround for it at xmas this year.

Now I connect the TV's Audio out to the Surrounds Audio In, but nothing comes out of the TV. The surround will make noise from other machines just not the TV. So my audio out is not on or not working, been through the menus over and over....

I got nothing, what do you think is going on here guys?

Anyone with a PRIMA TV know how to turn on the Audio out? Or maybe I need to turn off the TV speakers??


2011-12-26, 04:05 PM
TVs usually have a menu item to enable or disable the internal speakers (or something similar, often under the audio settings, but perhaps elsewhere). Disable the internal speakers and the signal should go out to the Surround System.

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2011-12-26, 04:23 PM
Exactly what I'm thinking, how ever the issue now is, where the heck in the menu is that? I've been through them 100 times and see nothing about speakers or output!!

Hoping for a prima vet to show me the way!!

2011-12-26, 04:25 PM
I am guessing the Audio section of the menu

2011-12-26, 04:34 PM
Prett safe guess lol, but if it was that easy I wouldn't be here!!

2011-12-26, 05:17 PM
What sections does the menu have?

2011-12-26, 05:32 PM
If you have a (free) web link for the operating manual for the TV, we'll download it and have a look... I did a quick search but didn't find it.