: CBS HD golf

2004-08-16, 08:18 AM
When CBS announced that the entire season was going to be in HD I was thrilled, but after viewing the PGA Championship I consider it to be a waste of time.

I know I should feel, lucky or grateful that there's a camera or two for an event but it's just a waste. Some of the 16x9 SD camera were absolutly terrible, just brutal.

I tuned off the tuner and watched it on crappy cable. At least cable is consistant.

I can't believe they even aderstise it as being in HD :roll:

Oh well...end of rant.

2004-08-16, 08:48 AM
Agreed, you get the odd angle of Phil Mickelson then it quickly switches to the most awful looking SD quality I've ever seen. I don't know if it's because they stretch it or what but the SD looks infinitely more terrible then the regular SD channels.

2004-08-16, 09:56 AM
I'm not a big watcher of Golf but I got a new set this weekend so I flipped around and found the PGA championship and was not impressed. I also wonder if they're adding a little extra compression these days!

2004-08-16, 10:38 AM
They need more HD cameras behind the tees and at least one HD Hand Camera to follow the leaders. Switching back and forth between HD and upconverted SD so much hurt my eyes.