: Sharp LC40LE830 - any experience?

2011-11-24, 09:43 AM
I've been researching 40" LCD's. Looking mostly at features and price this one stands out. It was selling at around $1200 a few months ago and is now on sale this weekend (Black Friday) for $699 at Sears. I went in and looked at it but all of their sets looked like crap. The salesman said it was due to a poor signal and poor cabling. So has anyone got this set or the other sizes? Looking for feedback, positive or negative. This will be used in a fairly bright family room with some seating that is close (approx 6 to 10 feet away).

PS. I have my Pioneer 50" plasma in the man cave! This is for the wife and kids! :D

Michael TLV
2011-11-24, 11:22 AM

Just beware of the poor viewing angles. The colors start to shift pretty quick and the blacks turn gray fast too as you move off to the side ...

Some of the colors just look wrong out of the box for these sets. Have to play with the CMS area of the menu to make then look decent ... and no measuring gear needed to do this, just a color bar pattern.


2011-12-24, 03:54 AM
Now sitting here infront of a Sharp LC 46LE832 same TV just with 240 refresh.
Was after a panny plasma but this Sharp picture was nice so decided to try it out at home. SD picture quality much better than expected at normal 10' away seating.
Apps suck in Canada only netflix does work with subscription--- WOW.

Bright light from window no problem and viewing angle no problem and our seating area needs a large wide viewing angle; colour is great.
now hooked up to a HTPC typing this.
Blueray makes this TV shine.
Soap opera effect never noticed it in the store, but do now, just going to link up to Sharp and they will remotely adjust all settings and colour over net.
dialling down sharpness may help but not a big problem.

These have a mini woofer speaker on the back and it does add to sound quality if only using TV speakers. Better one than none. No it's not a shaker just a very small sound filler that works. (not noticeable in a big box store).
First night both football and hockey were on and that was a great test of the TV's ability; almost like being there. Only regret is paying way too much for features included in a TV that don't deliver -- Those Apps. So look for a low Sale price and be happy.
In the US register your TV and get an extended warranty. In Canada pay 40% more for the TV register your TV and just get ZIP..
All new TV's should be made to work with a standard USB keyboard for set up.
Hope this help you Slew and others.