: to airport extreme??

2011-11-23, 10:05 AM
i have been a long time shaw internet user, recently signed up for the gateway and will be stepping away from bell for tv, hope its as good:-)

i currently have shaw extreme using a apple airport extreme and a airport express as an expander. My house is large-3500sq feet. I have had issues with the wifi in the past and am now very happy with my apple products. I will be upgraded to broadband50 and am told they have a wireless router included.

a few questions,

Is apple airport express better than the new modem i will be receiving?

should i stick with the apple gear.

I do currently notice my speed drops off in half wireless about 60 feet away..

any isight would be appreciated.

2011-11-23, 10:09 AM
The apple is probably a better router, but you could always try both to see. Of course you'll have to use the new device in bridge mode, if it's a single device, if you're going to use the Apple.

2011-11-23, 12:33 PM

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I'm in your situation and in order to have things work well, make sure you have that DOCSIS 3 modem set up as a MODEM ONLY.

I have been fiddling around with the BB50 set up and I also use Apple products. If they shipped it to you configured as a wireless router, you can have them switch it remotely so it acts as a modem only.

2011-11-23, 12:42 PM

Make sure Shaw configures your new modem as a "bridge" so it just passes data through and let you Airport Extreme handle traffic.

There slots of report of people complaining about the DOCSIS 3 modems needed to access BB50 or BB100. Most guys are saying the same thing. You can have a look at this thread: