: Sony Bravia 55" XBR55HX929

2011-11-21, 09:37 PM
Anyone have this TV? How does it compare to the Samsung UN55D8000? The Samsung was my first choice but there seems to be some issues with it. Also anyone know a place that is selling the Sony at a good price? Seems like no one has them in stock. I would first like to see it in person too.

2012-01-24, 03:48 PM
I think Best Buy and Future Shop now have them in stock...

2012-01-26, 04:50 PM
Sony 929 review from cnet, http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/sony-bravia-xbr-55hx929/4505-6482_7-34468616.html?tag=mncol;lst

Samsung d8000 review from cnet, http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/samsung-un55d8000/4505-6482_7-34503721.html?tag=mncol;lst

I only saw the 929 on FS website, not BB.

2012-01-26, 04:54 PM
I see 65 and 46 at BB but not the 55 one.

Michael TLV
2012-01-27, 09:16 AM

I've calibrated quite a few of these for a local store I do stuff for. Very accurate when set up right and has better viewing angles than the Samsung LED units.

It may not have as many calibration features as the Samsung, but it doesn't need it usually since it is built very well. Things just fall into place when it is set up right.