: Internet - share useful and practical things found on the internet.

2011-11-21, 09:18 AM
More and more I am finding several of the amazing, helpful, and very useful and practical things on the internet.

Would like to see what others may have found very practical and helpful and useful on the internet.

Feel free to SHARE those things that you have found and use on the internet that are AMAZING to you in terms of their usefullness, helpfullness, and practicalness - to yourself, and perhaps to others.

Some examples I have found:

Forums in General

This Forum - Digital Home.

TVfool or FM fool - find / simulate reception in your location - awsome.

Car Forums / clubs - help diagnose problems and share info. Lots of great tips and advice and information which help with your "transportation" device. Very important.

FixYa site forum - can receive actual, very detailed advice and experience on how to fix many things. From different individuals who may (or may not) be very talented or experts.

Buy and Sell sites - many examples. KIJIJI

Weather Information and Radar - get forcasts / see weather radar instantly.

Traffic Cameras - you can see almost live for yourself how the traffic is at various spots in your city.

Social Networking - ex. Facebook - I read and see many changes in society / activism - due to activity on social networking sites. Organization of people into GROUPS or TOPICS of interest.

Job Search Networking - ex. Linked In

Dating / Partner Search Networking sites - I don't use myself, but I hear many stories.

Gas Prices Reporting sites - check out the price of gas in your area to compare.

Search sites - of course! Yahoo, Google - these are the beginning steps to finding all the neat stuff and information on the internet.

ex. Google Maps, Streetview

IMDB - The internet movie database site - researching and searching movies and actors etc etc.

YouTube - of course - entertainment and instructional videos. everything.

... lots more ... too many to list them all right now.

But if you wish ... SHARE your useful sites and uses on the internet.

I'd just like to hear what others have found very useful on the internet.
... and WHY.

2011-11-21, 10:43 AM
I like Rain Alarm (www.rain-alarm.com). Shows a radar map of precipitations in your area with animations and alerts. You can see storms coming your way. It also comes as a mobile app too (Android, iOS, etc).

2011-11-21, 10:54 AM
Forgot a major one. Financial transactions.

Internet banking and bill payments. (or at the Bank Machine too similar idea)

Saves a lot of time and effort rather than running around or mailing cheques.
But also introduce some issues - internet banking fraud. So be careful.
Automated payments too - but must be careful and review the transactions.

Or online payments - like PayPal

Open up many convenient possibilities for customers and home businesses to send / receive payment for goods and services. Sometimes when the payments are small or distant. Some things might not be viable, if it were not for an easy, convenient, secure way to pay.
(again - be careful - scammers, fraudsters, phishing, social engineering etc.)

2011-11-25, 06:21 AM
zap2it.com - TV Guide and Schedules

On line TV Guide and Schedules

Can set it for your area and providor.
And searchable.

Printed TV Guides or magazines are found less and less.
A good online guide is handy.

( member jbracing24 told me about it )

2011-11-25, 11:03 AM
For weather, I like www.intellicast.com (www.intellicast.com) It has a great radar map that you can zoom in and animate. Also the weather forecasts are detailed.

If you are interested in exchange rates, I like the site:


2011-11-25, 11:08 AM

one stop shop for many available radio streams...several free to listen to.


great blog for knowing what channels your favourite soccer team will be on each week

2011-11-27, 05:12 PM
Here are a few that I use:

stackoverflow - helpful programming tips

TuneIn (used to be called RadioTime) - database of the world's radio stations

singularityhub - technology related to AI, science, physics

engadget - great tech blog

txchnologist - another good tech blog

2011-12-07, 09:08 AM
I have found entire internet forums for specific car models.

And they work in a very very similar way to the Digital Forum. Must be the same type of application.


ex. Ford Taurus Forum

ex. Chev Malibu Forum

( Try and do an internet search for your vehicle, ex Google search ... and see what comes up )

... and I have found the information and advice in these forums very practical and useful - for troubleshooting and maintaining your own vehicle or that of a friend.

They say that your vehicle is the second biggest purchase (after a house) for most people. So anything that will help you with your vehicle is very valuable.

Awsome helpful.