: Help with audio sync problem

2004-08-09, 06:20 PM
Long-time lurker; first time poster here.

Hi, folks. Just purchased a new Sony HT-DDW760 Home Theatre system and a Sony DVP-NS575P DVD player. It's a great set-up for me, however...

It *appears* that--when running DVDs only--the audio is out of sync. Is this possible on a DVD player? I've had it before with my BEV 4700 Sat.: I just turn it off, pull out the card, put it back in, and all's well. But with the DVD player?! Even my wife noticed something during a dialogue (we were watching season 2 of Six Feet and the lip movement seemed somewhat out of sync--enough to notice!!!). A little later though, she said it looked fine.

Any help here is *greatly* appreciated. I am using coax from the DVD player to the HT. Is there any way to do a diagnostic? One suggestion was to simply stop or pause the disc, and then resume (sounds harmless). Another suggestion was to run an auto-calibration for each offending disc. But how? and this sounds a bit out of my league. Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. I've also placed this in the Home Theatre equip. section.