: Line of Dead Pixels (Split from Fluctuations Thread)

2011-11-13, 12:25 AM
Well, I checked the service menus and my TV supposedly has been updated at the factory. I turned off all the automatic "picture improvement" options and calibrated the TV using the DVD Essentials package and the FBr issues seems to have been eliminated. That being said, I haven't watched the TV extensively since doing the fixes, so time will tell.

Now that problem is close to being solved, I now have another that just appeared tonight:


2011-11-13, 11:58 AM
Is that racing stripes i see.How much extra did you pay to get those?Just kidding.That sucks.What picture setting are you on.I leave it on THX for Hockey as I like a darker pic and want to have lower settings during breAK IN .NEVER SAW THAT ISSUE AT ALL during the game.

2011-11-13, 05:39 PM
It's not the vertical racing stripes that are an issue. Those are mostr an issue of using an iPad 2 tp take the photo. My issue is the horizontal line of 1,920 dead pixels.

So the question is, do I:

1) return it to Future Shop and get another;
2) Call Panasonic Conciege and see what they will do; or
3) Call FS and make a claim on my $400 extended warranty?


2011-11-13, 05:46 PM
Get it replaced.

That's some kind of H/W failure.

2011-11-13, 05:55 PM
I see it now.Yes do an exchange for another unit if possiable.How old is the unit.?

2011-11-14, 08:47 AM
As for what you have to do wouldn't it depend on how old the tv is.

If the tv is less then 30 days you could return it.

If its over 30 days and less then then a year you would have to go to Panasonic and get there warranty.

If its older then a year and less then 4 years you would have to use future shop warranty

2011-11-14, 11:10 AM
3) Call FS and make a claim on my $400 extended warranty?
That's definitely what I would do. They should replace the set with a new one.

2011-11-15, 02:22 AM
I went with the first suggestion and am getting FS to replace it as it is less than 30 days old. The original purchase was 10/20, but the first TV was delivered with a cracked screen. The current one was delivered 11/5 and malfunctioned 11/12, 23 days after the original purchase.

So my question is: do I get a reset on my 30 day return policy, or am I left with only the remaining 7 days? The pimple-faced sales guy told me it resets, but I'm sure he knew that was the right answer to get me out of the store without a commotion.


2011-11-15, 08:11 AM
when you got the second tv, did you get a new invoice ? if that's the case the new invoice would be reset for 30 days. If was having all these problems with future shop i would just ask for a refund and go looking elsewhere for a tv ( assuming there is no restocking fee or some crap) there also is a return period for the extra warranty, although im not sure if it it the full 30 days.

since this will be your 3rd tv, hopefully third time will be the charm!

2011-11-15, 09:51 AM
Sounds like the delivery people might not be as careful as the should be with these TVs (either from home or to the warehouse.)

2011-11-16, 02:04 PM
Having returned/exchanged my fair share of TVs @ FS these last couple years, I can guarantee it resets to 30 days when you exchange an item.

Good luck with the next TV.

2011-12-03, 11:36 PM
Well, back in mid-November Future Shop reserved an incoming GT30 for me and we scheduled delivery for Saturday. The delivery people were no-shows so I went to FS on Monday and turns out that one associate sold the TV after it was earmarked for me but before my sales person could label it as sold. So I patiently waited for the next one. Had a delay of about a week trying to fit a delivery slot into my busy schedule. Today I decided to pack up my old TV and take it in myself for the swap.

When we checked it at the store we noticed that the box had been opened.The sales guy said that someone else had probably opened it to check it before. I had a sneaky suspicion it was a return. Stupid me I made the same mistake as I did on the first TV and looked at it on a very oblique angle. It looked OK, but when I got it home, sure enough it had a cracked screen as well It was clearly a return as there was no remote and no USB Wi-Fi dongle.

So the third time was not a charm.

I immediately went back and they naturally tried to accommodate me, but there is no 60" GT30 in any Ottawa store or the GTA warehouse.

So I'm hooped for getting a GT30 in any reasonable time.

Any suggested plans of action for me?

Given this last fiasco was completely Future Shop's doing and there is not replacement TV for me as planned, I think FS should recognize this with its response.


2011-12-04, 09:03 AM
I would stay away from the big box stores and try a smaller independent retailer. You may pay a few dollars more, but the better customer service is well worth it.

2011-12-04, 09:39 PM
I would stay away from the big box stores and try a smaller independent retailer. You may pay a few dollars more, but the better customer service is well worth it.

I don't want to change this into a "big box vs. Independent" debate as that isn't the focus. And I was locked into FS because I had $2,000 in gift cards to use.

Given there was no 60" GT30's in the "DC", I went in today pushing them to upgrade me to a 65" GT30 or a 64" Samsung PN64D8000. There was no 65" GT30's in the DC as well, so they set me up with a PN64D8000 for $3,200 including the 4-yr PSP allegedly $700). I maybe coulda pressed them and gotten a couple hundred dollars of more "value" out of them, but frankly, I was content with what they were offering and I just want a TV on my wall.

So hopefully the PN64D8000 arrives intact and I can move on.