: "Elite" 60" & 70" panels!!

2011-11-03, 09:41 PM
Had a chance to spend some one on one time with the 70" Elite badboy yesterday. I watched about 30 mins of "Avatar" on BD (believe me, it was a rough 30 mins from a film standpoint, but a good choice to see the panel in action LOL)

First impression? Arguably the best panel I've seen, although I'd like to do a shoot out beside my PRO-141FD 60". The colours were astounding, the black levels might be equal to the Kuro (and that is a bold statement!)

Gonna need to see it in a less controlled environment ie. a customers house for example. So, far it looks like the high-end consumer/videophile might have a worthy replacement for the 'ol top dog Kuro!

2011-11-04, 08:19 PM
What were they asking for them?

2011-11-04, 09:21 PM
I think it's 6k for the 60" and 9k for the 70"

2011-11-04, 09:45 PM
Eeek! :eek: I paid $4200 for my PRO-141FD 60" Plasma.

Michael TLV
2011-11-05, 12:21 AM

Did a full calibration of the 70" set yesterday and the CMS section has siginificant issues. It does not work right so it resulted in having to set up color completely by eye.

Viewing angles on the set continue to be not as good as Sony or LG on the LCD end of things.


2011-11-16, 09:17 PM
Er...uh...I was wrong! Spent some more time watching the Elite panel today (HD drag racing of all things!!) The true colours of LCD come through...and I mean that literally! It's great for an LCD, but the flagship Panny plaz beside it is much more natural and pleasing to the eye...oh well!!

I won't even begin the comparison to the Kuro this time!