: 47LW5700 working with netflix canada???

2011-11-02, 11:20 AM
I don't know why it's so difficult, but I am looking at that TV, and wanted to know if Netflix Canada was available andworking on that set?

I can't seem to find a difinitive answer anywhere, and hopefully someone here will have the info I need.

(When I go to netflix's site, and click on LG products, it only shows their bluray players...this seems like a mistake?!)

2011-11-02, 12:36 PM
My advice is to go to the retailer and ask to see Netflix working on the tv. Failing that email LG Canada and get written confirmation if it works.

Please let us know what you come up with.

Gino Cerullo
2011-11-02, 04:05 PM
Yes, according to the Netflix Canada web site LG TVs are supported.


Also, the LG Canada web site seems to indicate the 47LW5700 supports LG Smart TV, a prerequisite to being able to view Netflix content.


Here is a description of Smart TV. Click on the 'Limitless Content' link and scroll to the bottom of the page. The model 47LW5700 is clearly indicated as supported.


2011-11-02, 07:39 PM
I pulled the trigger tonight...paid $1200 for it, and will be picking it up on friday.

I called LG, and they said it would work, so I assume it will. The on-display model they had, had the NETFLIX APP, but they didn't have a network connection setup.

I'm getting very excited...

2011-11-03, 11:10 PM
Yes, it does work. I originally purchased one at WalMart for $898 (wrong price on the shelf, but they honoured it). Anyway, I set it up, used it, and didn't like the picture. The 3D was awful, half resolution, but the Smart TV feature was cool.

$1200 is a bit much, considering I've seen it on sale at the big box stores as low as $999.

But yes, Netflix will work.

2011-11-09, 08:32 AM
So after playing around with it for a few days now...yes netflix canada works perfectly (although rather low-res, at least for what I have watched so far).

As for the picture, I couldn't disagree more. The picture is OUTSTANDING! Although, it took a ton of tweaking settings. The settings out of the box left me thinking the picture was awful...but after some playing around...it is incredibly good.

Anyways...thanks to those who responded, and hopefully this info will help others in the future.

2011-11-09, 09:33 AM
Changing the Netflix bit rate to a higher bit rate should improve Picture quality quite significantly.

2011-11-15, 12:55 AM
Im actually looking at this very set right now. Can u tell me if the motion remote comes with it? I have a bunch of questions.