: Wire thieves cause major Shaw cable outage in Langley

2011-10-31, 03:10 PM
Service to thousands of Shaw cable, internet and phone customers in Langley was disrupted when wire thieves cut a major cable line running through a heavily-wooded mini-park near the intersection of Eastleigh Cr. and 56 Avenue. (http://www.langleytimes.com/news/132467073.html)

Shaw said the "backbone" cable was severed around 7 a.m. Sunday morning.

The company estimated 20,000 homes lost cable, 14,000 lost internet service and 8,000 lost telephone service.

2011-10-31, 04:11 PM
The theives may be surprised when they discover that the cable is mostly plastic. The same thing happened years ago with telephone cables. The recyclers didn't want it unless it was stripped of insulation.

2011-10-31, 04:13 PM
If you read the article, it states they didn't take the cable since they realized after cutting it that it was fibre.
It appeared that would-be metal thieves looking for copper wire cut the thick glass fibre line, then fled without taking it when they realized there was no metal.

2011-10-31, 04:15 PM
Yeah, I just read the article and came back to delete my post. You got here first. However, the point still stands that copper communications cables are not worth the effort to steal. Fibre cables even less so.