: Samsung Replacing My PN50C7000 With UN55D8000

2011-10-30, 03:52 PM
I purchased a Samsung PN50C7000 from Future Shop earlier this year and I recently started having a problem with a sparkly blue vertical line on the left edge of the screen, a couple pixels wide from top to bottom. I do have the 4-year warranty through Future Shop but I called Samsung tech support since it's in the first year. They said they will be replacing my unit with a UN55D8000 which is worth nearly three times the cost. I haven't received it yet but I was shocked that they are sending me such a high end tv. It's also 55" compared to my 50", however it is an LED and not a Plasma which somewhat concerns me. My PN50C7000 has horrible image retention though and a stuck pixel so I am looking forward to having a TV where I don't have to worry and run slides all the time to avoid burn-in. The Plasma also buzzes and line bleed is noticeable, albeit no where near as bad as on the LG Plasma I had prior. Another multicolored line appeared halfway between the middle of the screen and the left edge a few days ago as well. I was willing to accept certain drawbacks of Plasma (line-bleed,image retention) for the superior black levels, realism and speed, however I am pretty excited about having an LED for the first time after three Plasma displays. I did actually try an edge lit LED set from LG for a few days but the backlight bleed around the edges and motionflow feature that was necessary for games and sports turned me off. Hopefully I will be able to run this new TV with the extra 120Hz/240Hz processing off and not have any issues. I hate that feature...completely unnatural. Also wondering if the 3D is going to be better or worse...Plasma was supposed to have less crosstalk but the UN55D8000 is a model year newer and Samsung says they have "virtually no cross-talk" on this years model.

Has anyone else had a replacement from Samsung? I am thinking the reason I am getting this model is because they had a lot of issues with the first batch they manufactured and have an abundance sitting in the warehouse that have been refurbished. One of the main problems was screen uniformity. Hopefully mine is refurbished so it's been thoroughly tested and is defect free. One of my other concerns is my warranty at Future Shop, I doubt they would be able to transfer it over because not only do I have a different model but the difference in cost is huge as well (since the warranties themselves are different prices depending on the cost of the TV). Does anyone have this TV? Or any experiences with Samsung warranty claims? Thanks.

2011-10-30, 07:10 PM
I had a problem with my Samsung 46" LCD purchased from Costco 18 months ago. It "popped" about 70 days after purchase. I simply returned it to Costco and they issued a full refund. I ended up purchasing another Samsung (this one was on sale and is internet enabled) and it has worked perfectly ever since (I actually I am happy this happended because the new Samsung has Netflix built in). Nice thing with Costco, they double the one year manufacturers warranty at no cost.

2011-11-01, 07:47 AM
seems like samsung is giving you a good deal, probably even a better deal then future shop would have given you if this happened in year two. lots of people get lesser tv's then the one they bought.

2011-11-02, 10:57 AM
Talked to Samsung yesterday, turns out they don't have the UN55D8000 (LED) any more so they are sending me a PN51D8000 (Plasma). The PN51D8000 is apparently one of the best plasma's to be released this year so I am looking forward to it. Apparently the image retention is vastly improved over the C7000/8000 series from last year, as they needed to start using faster phosphors then for 3D which made them take a step back in the image retention department. Also has the least crosstalk out of any plasma. One problem though, they don't seem to want to replace my 3D glasses which are not compatible with the new TV. The LED sets typically come with 2 pairs, but the plasma sets don't. They say since it didn't come with the original TV they don't have to replace them, even though the glasses I have would now be useless and it's the fault of Samsung that my original TV is defective. I will continue to fight them on this.