: Is this LED TV Good for my needs ?

2011-10-30, 04:30 AM
I want to buy this tv: Samsung UE40D5000 LED

My needs are:
- 40 inch screen full hd (2-3 meters viewing range).
- my living room has huge windows and gets lots of sunlight so the screen has to be bright.
- I want to watch hd football (I heard that these tvs have motion blur and I better go with a plasma rather than LED)
- I want to connect my laptop (HDMI/DVI) to surf the internet and watch hd movies.

So what do you guys think ? Is this LED good for me ? Should I get a plasma or regular LCD instead ? Is there a better model ?

Thanks !

2011-10-30, 07:34 AM
if your sitting 3 meters away you would be better to get a 60 inch tv, plasmas are cheaper and in many cases better, but will all the light in your room its probably not an option unless you want to black out the windows and turn of the lights. lcds are cheaper then led's so it would cost less if you decided to go with a bigger set. some people notice motion blur, others need a trained eye to see it, i personally have never noticed motion blur to any extent. go watch a football game at the store on all 3 types if you cant notice the difference its a mute point.

2011-10-30, 03:14 PM
"lcds are cheaper then led's "

So called led TVs are still LCD technology. The led refers to the backlight being leds rather than a fluorescent light. The advantage of led backlighting is that its intensity can be altered for different parts of the screen area to better show dark scenes

2011-10-30, 03:42 PM
...only if it has local dimming and not edge-lit - usually a significantly higher price.

2011-10-30, 07:01 PM
A high end plasma will typically provide superior image quality and less vapor trails. For bright rooms, plasmas have dynamic or daytime mode which increase the brightness of the image. Bright rooms should never stop you from buying plasma.

2011-10-31, 01:35 AM
An LED LCD is the better choice. Brighter image, less power consumption, no issue with image retention and great picture quality.

Plasma's are ok if you are viewing in a darker room, like spending additional money on electricity and also need the tv to double a space heater.

If you're viewing distance is 2-3 meters, I would personally be looking at a 47"

Michael TLV
2011-10-31, 01:12 PM

Hmmm ...

I have a plasma in a well lit room and it worked just fine. I then replaced it with a top of the line LED/LCD unit and the reflections on that new set were much worse than on the plasma set. The higher end LED units have plexiglass fronts that reflect the same if not more light and are no better than a plasma in those rooms.

Only the more budget LCD sets with the matte finish screens do better in well lit rooms. The back light on the LED had to be maxed out and it still did not overcome the reflection issue. (The plasma was still better at handling the reflections and its light output was not cranked to max either.) MAx out the backlight and the so called energy savings vanish. And what exactly are these energy savings ... and the differences? I've seen numbers that talk about a plasma using about $40 of energy a year ...

You want to save energy ... go ride a bicycle ... :D


2011-10-31, 01:24 PM
A new 2011 42" plasma television from Panasonic has average power consumption of 83 watts. That number was 99 watts in 2010 and 300 to 400 watts about 5 years ago.

When power consumption is less than a 100 watt light bulb, I don't think it should be an issue.