: 3G issues in southern sask?

2011-10-25, 05:15 PM
Is anyone else having 3G issues in Southern Sask? Particularly in Regina? Losing bars or having bars and not being able to make calls? The guy at the Telus store said SaskTel is upgrading some 3G equipment but of course Telus was clueless to this. They suggested I buy a new SIM card. I said the phone is only 11 months old isn't there warranty. He is like it's only $10. That's not the point! The phone has been acting up for a week... I have 2 of 3 phones off contract and may cancel the whole thing...

Tech support was absolutely useless they dont even know that they lease towers from SaskTel in Sask... Do they honestly think they built towers everywhere?!

Seems like the guy at the Telus store knew more than Telus themselves!

2011-10-25, 06:20 PM
The problem is well known. SaskTel's HSPA network is currently oversubscribed. Upgrades are in progress but it will be next summer before the problem is entirely solved. 850 MHz service is going online in December which will help a bunch as well.

It wouldn't surprise me if SaskTel customers got priority over Bell and Telus local customers since SaskTel built the network, though. I find no problems getting service, but oftentimes calls won't go through or are dropped and data usage is hit and miss.

Your Telus phone won't actually lock onto SaskTel's ID - SaskTel sites generally also broadcast Bell's and Telus's codes and your phone locks onto those. It is possible that not all SaskTel sites have the other carrier IDs so your phone may prefer to use a weak site nearby than a strong site close up.

2011-10-25, 06:25 PM
Thanks for the reply Jim! Telus made me feel like I was going nuts... I wish they knew this info!!