: Sammy 8000 or Pani GT/VT convince me

2011-10-23, 10:22 AM
Have had My 60 inch SXRD sony LCOS TV for 5 years now with no issues and I am thinking of making a change to Plasma.Been looking at the Posts and reviews here and on other forums on the Sammy PN64D8000 and the Panni 65GT/VT30 Models.
Was really keen on the Panni,s as they are suppose to be the referance units these days and yes they are very good but the other day I got a good look at a Sammi 8000 While a Canucks game was on off of cable and it looked very Impressive.They also had the VT30 to compare with and I found the white balance on the Sammi was more pure white and yet still had good blacks.
So any of you out there actually have either of these models in any size and can give me any feed back on your experiances.I am a little worried about Samsung quality and reliability but Thats just me from when Samsung was a low end brand, back in the early 80,s.
Both have thier issues from the forums I have visited but nothing is perfect and I guess it comes down to your own Eye and pocket book.

2011-10-23, 01:40 PM
find a store with the sammy and the panny next to each other, get them to play a demo blu-ray