: Accessing Internet on Sharp Aquos

2011-10-20, 05:38 PM
Just got a new Sharp Aquos (there is a different thread on it too, let's just say I ain't exactly a techie person) so I need help with accessing internet on the TV.

I press Aquos Net, and I get some tabs (i.e. NBC Sports, MSNBC etc...) but I want to go to YouTube... or e-mail. How do I enter a link on my TV?

Anyone with Sharp 52" (or so) LED TVs?

2011-10-20, 05:40 PM
Does the set have a web browser? I thought these were strictly widgets?

Does it not give you details in your new owners manual?

2011-10-20, 11:22 PM
It mentions "links" specifically, but no way to input those links. I seriously hope web browsing is a capability of this TV, but yes, so far there are just widgets like NBC Sports and etc...

Damn, that sucks. I was looking forward to internet on TV.

I bought Sharp Aquos 52" 1080p 240 Hz LC52-LE832U so can anyone confirm if a web browser is supported in this? It'd be very much appreciated.

2011-10-21, 03:36 PM
This unit only has internet access through its built in applications. You Tube, Netflix etc. Browsing the web outside of the built in links is not supported on this tv.
I was considering a sharp tv my self, but have decided on samsung now because of its smart TV capabilities.
Still with in the return policy time? If this is a big deal breaker on the TV?

2011-10-21, 07:14 PM
So the Samsung has web browsing?

I went to the Apps for this TV, and Youtube isn't there.... If I can get YouTube on the TV, then it won't be too bad.

2011-10-24, 02:42 AM
Sorry I am not familiar with what apps your model of tv has. I was just stating fixed apps like youtube netflix etc not full web access. The apps can very from model to model.
Should of stated that clearer

As far as full web access some of the Samsung models do offer this. Though the user interface is somewhat limited. Spelling out your searches with the arrow keys of your remote takes a while. The higher end models have a qwerty keyboard remote which improves the function. Although I think having a computer, tablet, or smartphone by your TV works better. Of course if your TV is going to be your main source of internet then the samsung may work for you if you get a model that supports the qwerty remote.