: Calibrating a Sharp 70" and some other questions for the video gurus

2011-10-17, 01:50 AM
Just sold my Samsung UN55B6000 55" led tv and picked up the new Sharp LC-70LE734U 70" tv. I understand that the picture on such a large tv is hard to match quality wise with a smaller tv, but the picture on the sharp is not near as good as it was on my Samsung 55".

Anyone else have the sharp tv that has maybe done some calibrating on it? I've played around with picture settings on it for a couple days now and got it quite good, but the color reproduction still doesn't match my Samsung. I did get the tv for a really good price but I just want to get the picture as good as possible. For sources I have the Bell 9200 pvr and a mac mini running Plex media center watching mostly 720p / 1080p movies. Everything is connected to the tv via HDMI. My HDMI cables are quite cheap and I was wondering if some better quality cables would help with getting a better picture?

It seems there is quite a bit of color bleeding on the sharp. And the whites instead of having sharp lines have glowing edges. The sharp just has duller looking colors and not as sharp as the samsung. Any advice is greatly appreciated here. Thanks

2011-10-17, 02:31 AM
1. Here's the FAQ on optimizing your TV:


2. The Sharps are typically quite bright and the colour is almost super-saturated OOTB. I suggest you use the "user" mode to start and turn the colour down quite a bit, but a calibration DVD will help with that. I believe the default backlight and contrast are not too bad in User mode... The sharpness settings on these TVs is also usually way too high - try something at about 10-20% of full scale and then use the test patterns to confirm - you need to get rid of the halos around the lines/letters.

Sharps are one of the few TVs where it's really easy to crush the whites - turn the contrast to full scale and watch the details in all the whites disappear. Then turn it back to about 30 out of 40. The details should reappear. Again, a calibration DVD will help with this.

3. If the signal is getting through your HDMI cables, then changing cables will do nothing but cost you money. Here's the thread on that topic:


2011-10-17, 09:42 AM
Let us know how it goes duker - I'm interested in that TV myself...

2011-10-17, 08:10 PM
+1 for me too on the calibration...I just came back from the store and spent at least 30 minutes watching the 70 inch floor model..I suspect it was fully calibrated and playing high res demo disk.... Man what a picture! Standing from about 4 feet, and it looked amazing..

2011-10-17, 11:31 PM
Don't get me wrong guys I'm struggling with the picture quality watching less than the highest source quality. Blu ray movies look absolutely stunning on this tv and if you can get it for under $3k I would say go for it. I guess I am asking a lot of this tv to get a great picture even watching sd content, considering the resolution of sd and the size of this monster.
It is so hard to make the right choice these days on a tv size and all the different quality sources we will be using on it. Or should I say forced to use. Sd on a 70"? It really does bring out all the flaws in a less than 1080p picture for sure. It's ridiculous that I still have to watch some sd content in this day and age. Not every show I like is broadcast on an hd channel yet. So if you plan on watching mostly hd material and blu rays you can't go wrong with it.

That being said the color on this tv is still not quite as vivid and rich (trying to explain what I mean is difficult) as my 55" Samsung was but I did get a whole lot more tv for the money I paid for the new one, so I guess I'll take it all in stride. Thanks for the links 57 I'll be sure to check it out.

On another note about cables a buddy of mine had some pixelation in the dark scenes on his 50" plasma watching 720p content from his media center that he said disappeared when he upgraded his HDMI cable to a new higher standard one.

2011-10-18, 12:05 AM
Yep "pixellation" or "sparklies" or lack of handshakes can be an issue in really poor quality cables, especially if the cables are longer (say 15'+) Note that I didn't say inexpensive cables since their quality can often be just fine. I already provided the appropriate link but here's another:


2011-10-18, 11:51 AM
Interesting... I'm contemplating this set as well... but from a viewing distance of 8ft... watching anything less than bluray might be disappointing.

My main movie source right now is AppleTV.. which IIRC, is 720p streaming only... no 1080i or 1080p yet... so could be very disappointing.

I rarely watch TV, even though I have a Rogers HD box... and some of the shows I watch aren't HD....

2011-10-18, 10:30 PM
Ok I did some calibrating and got it looking much, much better. Turns out the active contrast feature really does weird things to the picture. By turning that off and tweaking the color and contrast and brightness settings it looks 100% better. If you can get a good price on it "stego" I wouldn't hesitate, it is a lot of tv for the money. I stream 720p content from my mac mini to it and it looks phenomenal.

2011-10-19, 12:39 PM
Cool! Thanks for the info... if I can possibly hold out until Xmas boxing week or even early January.. guaranteed the price will drop... but yet.. sharp will have released another model.. with Local dimming! arhgggg ;-)