: Sharp LC-52LE832U won't turn on

2011-10-15, 06:46 PM
Just got it delivered today, but when I plugged it into the power outlet, and pressed power button, it isn't turning on.

What do I do!?! (besides contact Sharp)

2011-10-15, 06:54 PM
Plug a light into the electrical outlet - does it work?
If not, check circuit breaker/fuse or light switch (switched outlet)?
Check the plug on the back of the TV - is it securely inserted?
Does the TV make any sound?
Are you pressing the power button on the remote or on the TV? - Try the TV.
If the remote, check that the batteries are inserted/properly.
Make sure you've selected "TV" on the remote and not some other device.

Usually when a TV is delivered, they unpack it and test it so that it's not DOA.

2011-10-16, 05:56 PM
Thanks 57 for replying.

Yes, I checked all of those, and it didn't work so now Future Shop will take this TV and deliver another one... Looks like it was just defective. :(