: Panasonic VT30 -Component to HDMI - PQ Downgrade??

2011-10-08, 01:21 PM
I've mentioned this issue in another thread but here's my beef. I purchased the Panasonic VT30 reputed to be the best plasma on the market. The VT30 replaces my older Panny the PZ800U. On the PZ800 I used component cables to watch broadcast HD which provided excellent resolution. The VT30 only accepts component with a cheap adaptor plug which downgrades the resolution. This is mostly noticeable in a lack of detail in faces. HDMI, amazingly enough, results in the same subpar PQ. And here's the kicker: Bluray and 3D bluray look stellar. I have done everything to resolve this issue as follows:

1. tried various inputs and grades of HDMI cable (no change)
1. replaced PVR/sat receiver with a newer model (no change)
1. thought I had a bad copy so had a replacement VT30 delivered (no change)
2. had the A-board replaced (for another problem...fluctuating blacks) and hoped maybe this would resolve the issue (no change)
5. tried an OTA antenna (no change)

I've only heard of 2 other plasma owners make a similiar complaint (one was a VT30 and another SamsungD8000).

Now, is this perhaps a breakin issue? I still don't have a 100 hours on the set. Can't see how a couple hundred hours will miraculously improve resolution. Is it perhaps a poor upconversion from 1080i/720p to 1080p?

Anyone out there with a similiar experience?

2011-10-08, 01:35 PM
One thing you don't mention is a proper optimization of the inputs. Inputs and TVs can vary dramatically in picture quality if they are not properly optimized. See the following FAQ on the topic:


In the default picture modes, there can often be a dramatic difference between HDMI and component video too, however, when properly optimized, the difference should be minimal to indistinguishable. Also, often various inputs and picture modes can have significant differences in sharpness and edge enhancements which can appear to make things "sharper" when in fact they add artifacts like halos around objects and take away detail.

If your older TV had been left in it's default picture mode (vivid) and your new TV was set to the default home mode (Standard) I can understand why you believe the PQ is different, however, vivid mode is far from what the director intended.

Suggest you start by changing the picture mode of the new TV to THX (if available) or Custom. Also, you can change it to Vivid mode temporarily to see if it then looks like your old TV, although I don't recommend leaving it there since it's simply not an accurate picture.

2011-10-08, 05:02 PM
thanks 57, I've always used the best mode available which is THX for both the old and new set. Have also done an initial calibration using Spears and Munsil for THX and also used the settings from a reputable A/V magazine in Cinema mode on the VT30. I've never used vivid or standard as these result in horrid PQ. I use cinema mainly for bluray but tried it on broadcast HD with no improvement....

2011-10-08, 05:04 PM
my last resort is a professional calibration buy my contact told me that likely won't help matters....

2011-10-09, 12:17 AM
I've found cinema and THX a bit dark on these sets - most people prefer Custom, however, it seems that you've compared apples/apples (mostly) so therefore I'm stumped.