: Samsung Plasma Blur

John Koenig
2011-09-30, 01:26 PM
Hi guys. This is a plain and simple case of plasma turning blurry over the course of an hour. I'm still within my warranty period (first year of ownership) a Samsung PN58C7000 and am witnessing quite noticeable picture degradation after about an hour of watching something (anything), whether SD, HD, Blue Ray, absolutely anything. I'm absolutely not referring to a classic case of motion blur. It's just that when first powering the TV, the picture is pristine and sharp and after about 30 to 60 minutes, it grows quite dull and a bit dark. I cannot find the words to express it any clearer than this. Could anyone offer an explanation or avenue of solution for this rather annoying condition.

I am a firm proponent of plasma technology as I also own a 2006 Panasonic TH42PX600U that does not display this weakness, even after five years.

I suscept that this topic may have been covered on countless occasions over DigitalHome but I fail to find a place for this discussion. Thanks for anyone's enlightened input.